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Past Events

A Paper Cuts Reading Featuring Belladonna*

ABC No Rio

Above the Law: Ava Luna

Above the Law: Dan Friel

Above the Law: Dustin Wong

Above the Law: Fat Tony

Above the Law: Kids Puttin' on the Ritz

Above the Law: Lucky Dragons

Above the Law: Saving Lady / Pauline

Above The Law: So Percussion

Aeromural Open Studio & Talk

After Hours, An Evening at the Lambs Club

After Hours, Biba Bell at R Lounge

After Hours, Bouquet

After Hours, Corporeal-Symphonics

After Hours, Ebe Oke

After Hours, Nomi Ruiz at BB Kings!

After Hours, Room Mate Grace Hotel

After Hours, Sky Lines

After Hours, The Drums

After Hours: Cabin Fever, An Alpine Fantasy

Alanna Heiss: London Slade Lecture

Alex Katz, Hard Days Ahead Opening

Andrew Haik Demirjian Reception

Andrew Mount, A Lecture In & Around Dale Henry

Anne Guthrie at Arup Soundlab

Anxious Spaces 2015 Closing Party

Anxious Spaces 2015: On View

Anxious Spaces: Performance Festival

Anxious Spaces: Performance Festival 2015

Apollo's Accidental Answer



Ava Luna

Babycalzones Pizza Potluck #23

Babyharvester, Opening Reception

Ben Vida Performance

Beneath The Valley Of Gwangi


Bureau of General Services - Queer Division

Canyon Candy exhibition opening

Canyon Candy Installation Crew

Canyon of Burning Water

Carly Ptak, Idea Machine Reception

Cibelle Performs

Cities Are Natural (Composition One)

Cities Are Natural (Composition Three)

Cities Are Natural (Composition Two)

Clocktower Brooklyn Reception

Clocktower Live from work x work ON AIR at the Wythe Hotel

Closing Celebration for Shoplifter's Nervescape with Hess is More and Listening Center

Closing celebration for the Clocktower Gallery!

Collapse Into Now Film Project exhibition opening

Come Together: Surviving Sandy

Concert & Open Studios: Hess Is More (& More)

Confessions of The ArtWorld™

Conrad Schnitzler: Film & Music

Cross-Cuts Opening Reception

Crystal Cavern - Closing

Crystal Cavern Opening Reception

Crystal Stokowski Reception and Concert

Dale Henry Opening Reception

Dale Henry Opening Reception at Pioneer Works

Dan Friel

Daniel Neumann at Output

David Linton's Cortical Degausser Event with David Watson

David Linton's Cortical Degausser Event with Hahn Rowe

David Linton's Cortical Degausser Event with Sam Hillmer

David Linton's Cortical Degausser Opening Party with David First

Delia Gonzalez, In Remembrance

Diamond Terrifier

DJ Shakey's Audio Control Adventure

Dream Driver: Video Paradise, Julian Bozeman & Javier Morales


dubknowdub Performance: Dub Like A Serpent

Dumpling Academy

Dustin Wong


Fat Tony

Focus On Puerto Rico at Miami Art Week

Frieze: Downtown Night

Gamelatron Bunga Kota Opening Reception

Habit Towards Obedience

Haroon Mirza Live Streamcast

Holiday Giveaway Party

Honey Locust Tree Relocation

IdeasCity Arles

IdeasCity Athens

IdeasCity New York

In Various Tongues / Alva Mooses @ Pioneer Books!

In Your Defense

INDEX Festival: Blues to Drone Service

Interference AV at AMC Times Square

Isn't Ours

It Sounds Like Time Inside

Japanther 9/11 Live Peace Concert Streamcast

Jenn Grossman Performs, Extended Voices : Ambient Hymns

John Mejias, I'm Wurried

John Supko & Bill Seaman: s_traits, with Wet Ink Ensemble

Judith Supine Reception with Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Kría Brekkan Performance

Live Streamcast from Issue Project Room: Dennis Johnson's "November"

Living Live, Peter Coffin

Living Live: Beats in Space & Closing Reception

Living Live: I Love Vinyl

Living Live: Radio Underground And Beyond

Living Live: The Art of the Soundtrack

Living Live: The Free Music Archive & WFMU

Lori Napoleon (Antenes) at Cooper Union School of Engineering

Lucky Dragons & David Behrman/Ben Vida

Machines in Music Radio

Mana, Clocktower, and MECA Art Fair

Maria Chavez Performance: Improvised Spaces

Mary Mattingly's Flock House Performances

Maya Hayuk reception & Uumans performance

MAYDAY: The Booth

Miho Hatori & MSHR & Doron Sadja

Mizik Ayiti!

Moonlighter Presents

Moral Kombat: C Spencer Yeh vs. G Lucas Crane

Moral Kombat: Daniel Carter vs. G Lucas Crane

Moral Kombat: Daniel Carter vs. G Lucas Crane

Moral Kombat: Darren "Driphouse" Ho vs. G Lucas Crane

Moral Kombat: G. Lucas Crane vs Casper Electronics

Moral Kombat: Matt Mondanile vs. G Lucas Crane

Moral Kombat: Pete Nolan vs. G Lucas Crane

Moral Kombat: Pete Nolan vs. G Lucas Crane

Moral Kombat: Sun Araw vs. G Lucas Crane

Moral Kombat: Sun Araw vs. G Lucas Crane

Moral Kombat: Taraka and Nimai Larson vs. G Lucas Crane

Muck Performance


MVT3 (Music Video Time 3)


Nathan W. McKee

Nathan W. McKee


New Exhibitions Opening Reception

November Open House, Open Studios

Open House Open Studios 13 December 2011

Open House Open Studios 7 August 2012

Open House Open Studios, 27 March 2012

Open House, Open Studios 13 August

Open House, Open Studios 24 January

Panel: Pro/Deuce

Paper Jazz! A Poster Showcase

People Get Ready

Performance & Open Studios: MV Carbon, Ganjatronics

Photon Ecstasy Livestream

Playing Hooky 2015: Ben Seretan

Playing Hooky 2015: Frankie Cosmos

Playing Hooky 2015: Future Shuttle

Playing Hooky 2015: Helado Negro

Playing Hooky 2015: Ikue Mori

Playing Hooky 2015: Ned Rothenberg

Playing Hooky 2015: Noveller

Playing Hooky 2015: Zeb, The Spy from Cairo

Playing Hooky 2016: Ava Mendoza

Playing Hooky 2016: Bob Bellerue

Playing Hooky 2016: Guerilla Toss

Playing Hooky 2016: Horse Lords

Playing Hooky 2016: James Brandon Lewis Trio

Playing Hooky 2016: Wume

Playing Hooky: DJ Dog Dick

Playing Hooky: Hurricanes of Love

Playing Hooky: Jesse DeRosa

Primal Screams

Prince Rama: Never Forever and Astral Projects

QCA : Artist Commissioning Program, Panel

R.A.T. (Radio Art Therapy)

Rachel Mason: The Lives of Hamilton Fish

Radio Lorca Marathon, June 4-5

Radio Reports from the 2013 Venice Biennale

Radyo Shak

RAFT as the Stranger

Reception: Byron Westbrook: Interval/Habitat

Reception: Nomi Ruiz, Borough Gypsy

Reception: Ranjit Bhatnagar, Singing Room

REVEIL: Daybreak Transmissions

Rumkala Malantara

Ry Rocklen: Office Party

Sabisha Friedberg, Interstice

Samba na Casa do Gato


Second Sundays / Anaïs Maviel Acoustic Performance

Second Sundays / June 2017

Second Sundays Streamcast April 2016

Second Sundays Streamcast August 2016

Second Sundays Streamcast December 2016

Second Sundays Streamcast February 2016

Second Sundays Streamcast July 2016

Second Sundays Streamcast June 2016

Second Sundays Streamcast March 2016

Second Sundays Streamcast May 2016

Second Sundays Streamcast November 2016

Second Sundays Streamcast October 2016

Second Sundays Streamcast September 2016

Second Sundays: Cecilia López Performs, Red

Second Sundays: Clocktower at Pioneer Works, April 2014

Second Sundays: Featuring Grandwizzard Theodore, December 2014

Second Sundays: Streamcast & Open House April 2015

Second Sundays: Streamcast & Open House February 2015

Second Sundays: Streamcast & Open House March 2015

Second Sundays: Streamcast & Open House May 2014

Second Sundays: Streamcast & Open House May 2015

Second Sundays: Streamcast & Open House, August 2014

Second Sundays: Streamcast & Open House, July 2014

Second Sundays: Streamcast & Open House, June 2014

Second Sundays: Streamcast & Open House, November 2014

Second Sundays: Streamcast & Open House, October 2014

Second Sundays: Streamcast & Open House, September 2014

Second Sundays: Streamcast August 2015

Second Sundays: Streamcast December 2015

Second Sundays: Streamcast July 2015

Second Sundays: Streamcast June 2015

Second Sundays: Streamcast November 2015

Second Sundays: Streamcast October 2015

Second Sundays: Streamcast September 2015

September Open House, Open Studios

Shoplifter's Nervescape Opening, Kria Brekkan Performance

Shrine, A Performance by Marja Samsom

Site : Sound / Beachside Happening at Fort Tilden

Site : Sound at Knockdown Center

So Percussion

Soft Series Concert No 7

Soft Series: Piano Jouet with Elizabeth A. Baker

Sound & Time: Sacred Music after a God

ST4NKLOV3: TrapBack Season


STAY NASTY Live-stream

Steina Vasulka Video Demonstration

Steina Vasulka Video Demonstration

Streamcast, Concert & Open Studios: Weekend

Tara Jane O'Neil Performs

Tara Jane O’Neil & Ryan Sawyer & Jmy James Kidd & Ami Dang


Thanksgiving Deux, Dinnervisuals

The Artist Likes Words: Poets Read for Dale Henry

The Babies

The Celeste Lab 2011

The Gamelatron Jalan Jiwo: Opening Reception

The New Dreamz: The Idea

The Now Age

The Starry Garter: A Certain Point Within A Sphere

The Warper Party Radio Extravaganza

The Warper Party Radio Extravaganza 2: Moldover

The Warper Party Radio Extravaganza 3: Honeychild Coleman

The Warper Party Radio Extravaganza: Heavyw8bit Championchip Concert

The World Is Bigger Than You Think

Transmissions, Long Tones in A and E

Trevor Wilson and Vocal Ensemble

Trophy Farewell

Twiching Around Lower Manhattan

Unit 11

Ursula Scherrer, afloat

Video Program, Come Home

Warper Party and DJ Shakey's Audio Control Adventure

Wastedland 2 : Immersive Screening at Knockdown Center

Welcome to Miami: Everything Is Cheaper Than It Looks

Where is the Black Beast?

Yoga For Two

Zoe Friedman & Peals, Time is a Milk Bowl