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Second Sundays: Streamcast September 2015

Clocktower Radio joins the monthly Pioneer Works open house festivities this September, with a full menu of online listening! Tune in to to hear:

#trashDAY: BACKpack TO SCHOOL 2-4PM
Edumacation, that good sense, motherwit, street smarts, knowledge of selfie determination, book learning –- the Tribe Called Quest for understanding is a Neverending Story for Professor k(Rob) + Dr. Doe Derek. September's Second Sunday offers an audio syllabus to get your mind right, prepping all you Jungle Brothers and sisters for the Leaders of The New School year. The #trashDAY duo are digging in the crates, searching for classic cuts of backpack rapper’s delight and talk shit through the pair's first ever TWO HOUR episode of #trashDAY for Clocktower Radio...DING DING, school's in, bitches.

JMC Aggregate and Gravesend Recordings 4-5PM
Jordan Michael Iannucci plays tracks from his cassette set release (JMCaggregate). Carlos Hernandez of Gravesend Recording Studio, a full service recording studio located deep within The Silent Barn in Brooklyn, discusses in-the-works projects at the DIY space.

Chris Annibell DJ Set 5-6PM
Afrokinetic founder and Dubspot Instructor Chris Annibell (host of Clocktower radio series The Sunday Sauce) is known for connecting the musical dots when it comes to soulful dance music. For his in-studio set, he brings his critically acclaimed Afrokinetic sound to the airwaves, mixing house, soul, deep, disco, afrofunk, bass music, jazz, and broken beats. If summer had a soundtrack… this would be it.

75 Dollar Bill 6:30PM
Rick Brown and Che Chen play an idiosyncratic take on Mauritanian music, using homemade percussion and electric guitar. Their music doesn’t strive to any sort of authenticity, yet conjures up the best of African desert music. It is both beautiful and hypnotic and is equally relevant performed in concert form, in a bar, or in an art gallery.

Brian Carpenter’s Ghost Train Orchestra 8PM
The Ghost Train Orchestra was founded in 2006 by composer/arranger Brian Carpenter when he was hired as the musical director for an event marking the 90th anniversary of the historic Regent Theater in Boston. Carpenter began transcribing old 78s of recordings by Fletcher Henderson, Don Redman, Tiny Parham, Fess Williams, and Charlie Johnson and arranged the music for a 9-piece ensemble. The Orchestra’s 2015 album, Hot Town featured saxophonist Colin Stetson with Brian Carpenter (trumpet, harmonica), Andy Laster (alto saxophone), Michael McGinnis (clarinet), Petr Cancura (clarinet, tenor saxophone), Curtis Hasselbring (trombone), Ron Caswell (tuba), Cyntia Sayer (banjo), Karen Waltuch (violin) and Rob Garcia (drums).

Second Sundays: Streamcast & Open House May 2015

Clocktower joins the monthly Pioneer Works open house festivities with a transformative performance integrating glass, paper, metal, and cello from artist-in-residence Melissa F. Clarke and Transmissions, Long Tones in A and E, an interactive performance piece featuring ten-musicians and a cellphone app, organized by artist Pat Noecker aka RAFT. Clocktower also hosts a reception in our studios as we record artist interviews and stream performances live. Tune in or stop by! Here's the menu... #TRASHDAY: 4PM

Second Sundays Interviews: Mathilde Roussel, Jesse Moretti, Olivier Conan, and Janka Nabay

During the August 2015 Second Sunday celebration, Clocktower host Jake Nussbaum spoke with Pioneer Works' artists-in-residence Mathilde Roussel and Jesse Moretti as well as Janka Nabay, the King of Bubu, and Olivier Conan, the humble orchestrator of the Second Sundays concert series. This program documents that live streamcast. Listeners can use the fast-forward button to jump through the interviews.

Second Sundays July 2015: I Love Vinyl

Boogie down to excellent funky beats presented by Ben Goldfarb (AKA DJ Scribe) and Shawn Dub of I Love Vinyl, recorded at Pioneer Works as part of the July 12th, 2015 Second Sundays open house events. Bonus: the duo discusses I Love Vinyl's place in the evolving Manhattan and Brooklyn cultural scenes. I Love Vinyl was founded in the summer of 2009 by six seasoned DJs hailing from NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, and beyond. With over 100 years of spinning, and over 100,000 records between them, the I Love Vinyl all-stars include DJ Scribe, Amir Abdullah, Jon Oliver, OP!, and Shawn Dub. The organic history of this vinyl loving crew revolves around their fabulous grassroots parties and their innovations in radio using Mixcloud in a terrestrial-influenced, free-form style. For their shows, which have spread from Brooklyn to Amsterdam, they invite taste-makers including seasoned DJ's, crate diggers, musicians, and artists who share a passion for spinning. They are champions of vinyl in the digital age.

Second Sundays: Artist Interviews, March 2015

A collection of interviews recorded as part of our open studio sessions during Pioneer Works Second Sundays in March 2015. Bridget Hickey talks with Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira about the labour and craft behind his expansive project Transarquitetônica featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art in São Paulo in 2014. The cavernous installation used materials recycled from his home city’s urban fabric to create a massively scaled interior architecture that transitioned through historical Brazilian constructions, from snaking wooden columns, caves, and root networks to white modern structures. Artist David Colosi reads from his ongoing project Letters to Poly, written across time, space, and language, addressed to Francois Hippolyte Guillaume, aka Poly, who had been Claude Monet’s porter in the autumn of 1886 when the painter made 39 paintings at Belle-Île-en-mer – one of them was a portrait of Poly. Subjects of the epistolary tale include biographical information about Poly, John Peter Russell – the little-known Australian Impressionist painter, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, Auguste Rodin, Vincent Van Gogh, Adolphe Sax, the Nazi occupation of France, the constructions of the Atlantikwall, John Coltrane, Paul Virilio, Anatole le Braz, and Synesthesia.

Second Sundays: Streamcast & Open House April 2015

Clocktower Radio joins in the monthly Pioneer Works open house festivities with a reception in our studios as we record artist interviews and stream performances live for the April 12, 2015 edition. Tune in or stop by! Here's the menu... CLOCKTOWER DJ SETS 4-6:00PM In-studio with I Love Vinyl DJ Scribe, Amir Abdullah, Jon Oliver, OP!, Shawn Dub and Dubspot Sessions hosted by Kristen Pozibelle & Jeannie Hopper featuring a live performance by SentZ and DJ Jester of Beat Haus. Click HERE to LISTEN to the DJ sets starting at 5PM! Clock Reels: Third Floor Video Installation A screening of programs and adventures from Clocktower, including performance festivals, Spaghetti western soundscapes, graffitied studios and seaside walls, rooftop celebrations, and more! On view at Clocktower's radio studio on the third floor of Pioneer Works. INTERVENTIONS 6-9PM Open studios: Clocktower Radio, David Colosi, Nanotronics Imaging, Hyon Gyon, Robyn Hasty, David Horvitz, Joséphine Kaeppelin, Christopher Kardambikis, and Henrique Oliveira, Recycle Group.