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Second Sundays: Streamcast August 2015

Clocktower Radio joins the monthly Pioneer Works open house festivities this August, with a full menu of online listening! Tune in to to hear:

What happened to Sandra Bland? Why did the court of public opinion investigate Bill Cosby only after Hannibal Buress mentioned those decades old assault allegations in his standup? What is Missy Elliot doing? Why is there a regressive wage gap between men and women? How come, in 2013, two thirds of LGBT homicide victims were transgender women of color? Why did Diane Sawyer clutch her pearls when Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggested that all 9 Supreme Court Justices could be women? Why is Michelle Obama, like, the flyest First Lady, ever? Why are only 14.2% of the top five leadership positions at the companies in the S&P 500, held by women? Was Bobbi Kristina murdered? Why is the woman on that subway ad frowning with two lemons and smiling with two grapefruits? Why they gotta bring citrus into all this? Why is Zora Neale Hurston, one of the most important writers in the history of The United States, buried in an unmarked grave? How come a 6-pack of Hanes women’s white cotton briefs costs $7.24 and dudes can get a 7-pack of white cotton briefs for only 50 cents more? Why does Nicki Manaj think she’s original? Why is 17-year-old Kylie Jenner dating a 25-year-old person? And, most importantly, WHO YOU CALLIN’ A BITCH?!?

DJ Black Helmet: Vinyl Set 5-6PM
A deep funk and eclectic soul set from the creator of the Clocktower Radio series Your Boy Black Helmet, DJ Black Helmet cuts some classics and lesser knowns for an hour of sonic righteousness...

Cammisa Buerhaus: Artist Interview 6-6:15PM
Cammisa Buerhaus is currently in residence at the Pioneer Works shipping container recording studio, where she is recording The Chroma Color Organ, her self built pipe organ, with collaborators including saxophonist Tamio Shiraishi and cellist Judith Hamman. Buerhaus is a performance and sound artist, most recently on stage at the Kitchen with the NYC Players this past March. She also released her debut record, YUU, on Wild Flesh Productions in June.

Mathilde Roussel: Artist Interview 6:15-6:30PM
Pioneer Works' resident Mathilde Roussel is a french artist based in Paris. Her drawings and sculptures are conceived like living organisms. During her creation process, Roussel progressively gives up control over the materials she uses by letting them find their own form of existence. She selects mediums that are both fragile and resistant: paper pulp, graphite powder, incised rubber or plants. This choice allows her to explore unstable forms and observe their continuous mutation. Through incision, opening, recovering and suspension, the artist forces the forms she produces to find their place in space, thus expressing and revealing the movement they contain in themselves. To a larger extent, Roussel’s practice seeks to record temporalities that inhabit our corporeality: aging, hardening, scarring and mutation. This research consists in producing tangible forms that indicate our vulnerability. At Pioneer Works Mathilde Roussel create works for her exhibition at The Invisible Dog Art Center curated by Gaelle Porte. She explores the way we transform our body to fight its deterioration, and ultimately, death.

The Westerlies 6:30PM
The Westerlies re-imagine the chamber music experience through boldly personal performance, recording, collaboration, education, and outreach. Since their inception in 2011, they have cultivated a new brass quartet repertoire featuring over 50 original compositions as well as adaptations of Ives, Ellington, Bartok, Ligeti, Stephen Foster and numerous traditionals. Their music exudes the warmth of their longstanding friendships, and reflects the broad interests of its members.

Janka Nabay 8PM
Janka Nabay is the king of Bubu – Sierra Leone’s brand of electro-pop. Back in his hometown of Sierra Leone, Janka electrified traditional Bubu music by adding drum machines and synthesizers and giving it a frantic edge that made him a national hero. Now based in the US, Janka has hooked up with musicians from Brooklyn and DC (where he lives) who call themselves the Bubu Gang. Janka and his musicians share a similar fascination with the old and the new, mixing modern beats and analog keyboards with call and response vocals, improvisation and touches of 70’s psychedelia. The collaboration seems to capitalize on the best of all worlds and the result is musically stimulating and just as danceable as Janka Nabay’s early hits. David Byrne’s label Luaka bop released their first full-length album a little while back.

Second Sundays: June 2015 Mixtape

Clocktower Radio's monthly collection of interviews and musical moments from the Pioneer Works open house festivities. As thousands poured into the building on June 14, 2015, Clocktower hosted artists, musicians, DJs, and guests at its third floor operations center. Here we present excerpts and highlights from that event. The complete performances and conversations are posted on the website separately as well. -Ruth Kahn of Outpost, a Ridgewood art, music, and video gallery and resource center, in conversation with David Weinstein -David Weinstein interviews Broken Time artist storytellers Matt Freedman and Tim Spelios -Joe Ahearn interviews Clocktower artist-in-residence Melissa F. Clarke and her collaborators, Mike Sheffield (She Was Freaks), Andrew Nerviano (Plebeian), and Alex Suarez (CienFuegos) plus some samples from their live sets -Selections from our Ornette Coleman Vinyl Special produced and hosted by Tim Spelios and David Weinstein -#trashDAY with Kenya (Robinson) and Doreen Garner discuss trans-racial issues, patriotism, and other pursuits. -Selections from the performances by bands Innove Gnawa and Rob Curto's Pe De Serra All-Stars

Second Sundays: Big Lazy & Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang

In this August 10, 2014 edition of Pioneer Works' Second Sundays, Clocktower recorded the event's two experimental pop-rock groups, Big Lazy and Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang. Guitarist and composer Stephen Ulrich has been leading the trio Big Lazy for close to twenty years. At once stark and otherworldly, Big Lazy is a moody surf-like outfit full of tremolo guitars, slowed down tempos and exotica touches. Their cinematic music evokes noir, spaghetti western, Lynch and Tarantino soundtracks – but Big Lazy’s organic and uncontrived music remains beyond category. Ulrich’s many other musical projects include a number of collaborations with members of Balkan Beat Box as well as countless TV and film scores including the series Bored to Death.

Second Sundays: Alsarah & The Nubatones

Performing live as part of Pioneer Works Second Sunday series, Alsarah & The Nubatones's sound blends traditional songs of central Sudan with the group's original material. Alsarah & The Nubatones came together out of a collective love for Nubian music and a genuine belief that Soul transcends all cultural and linguistic barriers. The band draws inspiration from the pentatonic scale and a selection of Nubian ‘songs of return’ from the 1970s-today. Their music carries you on a journey through diaspora and migration, while looking through an urban lens.

Second Sundays Interviews: Carmen Bouyer, Azikiwe Mohammed

During the July 2015 Second Sunday celebration, Clocktower's Jake Nussbaum spoke with two recent arrivals to Pioneer Works' artist-in-residence program. French artist Carmen Bouyer plays a selection of recordings she made while exploring urban farming in Turkey and Japan, while New York-based multimedia artist Azikiwe Mohammed discusses his mission to creative alternative histories with objects. Azikiwe Mohammed is a multimedia artist who creates manufactured items with a focus on historical means of story telling and representation. He graduated from Bard College in 2005 where he studied photography and fine arts having since shown these things in and around New York City. In 2013 he was awarded a residency at Mana Fine Arts thru the ESKFF Foundation. He lives and works in New York City, and while at Pioneer Works will be continuing his work in textiles, sound and alternative photographic imaging processes.

Second Sundays: May 2015 Mixtape

Relive the May 2015 Second Sundays festivities! Get an overview of the spring day jam-packed with music, art, interviews, and performances through this mixtape featuring excerpts from all the varied events. Featuring artists Laura Brunellière, Thomas Martinez, and Clara Claus, talking about their aesthetic visions and their multimedia experiments with sculpture, improvised guitar, photography, and film. Get some sharp political commentary from the show #trashDay by visual artists Kenya (Robinson) and Doreen Garner as they wax poetic on the ratchetry of the innawebs, talk shit about trash, and share music and clips. Experience a session of dynamic music from singer Xenia Rubinos and Brooklyn-based collective PitchBlak Brass Band. Sample the performance Cities are Natural (Composition One) by the Clocktower artist-in-residence Melissa F. Clarke as she plays glass, paper, and metal and performs alongside the electronic sounds of Byron Westbrook and cellist Leila Bordreuil.