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Work at Clocktower

Clocktower is now hiring radio engineers on a part-time and hourly basis. 

Interested? To apply fill out this form.

Responsibilities include engineering sessions at Clocktower's studio in Brooklyn; remote session recordings; and live-streaming events around New York. The position requires that candidates have had experience with sound engineering, operating mixers and microphones, basic live sound, and digital audio recording.

This is not a live-sound position and extensive experience with live sound is not necessary or required.

Rate $15/hr; Our studio-office is located at 159 Pioneer St. Brooklyn, NY, 3rd floor.


We need writers, graphic designers, radio lovers, audio editors, web and systems experts, carpenters, database aficionados, photographers, researchers, journalists, and history buffs.

If you are interested in getting involved, please send a statement of interest along with your bio or curriculum vitae to