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Machines in Music Radio

Clocktower hosts a pop-up radio station for the opening day of Machines In Music, a free two-day modular synthesizer exhibition at Knockdown Center that brings together users and makers for hands-on exploration, discussion, and performance. Last year’s conference hosted 24 modular synthesizer companies from around the world, attracting the attention of beginners and experienced synthesizer users alike. This year's event includes 48 exhibitors, discussions by industry professionals, concerts during the weekend-long festival, and visual art spread throughout the venue.

Machines In Music is co-created by Verbos Electronics and Control.

Clocktower will be on-site on October 8, collecting a package of live-recordings of each performance set, paired with a collage of interviews with the performers, and soundbites from participants and organizers of the fair.

Interviews with Machines In Music co-creators Verbos Electronics and Control, talking about the genesis of the event, their vision for the performances over the weekend, and what the future holds for modular synthesizers.

Conversations with Knockdown Center curators, managers, and coordinators, on the significance of a large-scale festival staged within the venue, and the exhibited art on view in the space.

Discussions with select Machines in Music vendors on their experiences on the floor, their unique relationship with modular synthesizers, what brought them to the event, and some synth audio samples.

Live-recorded performances by Tearing Light From Sound, Mark Verbos (of Verbos Electronics), Alessandro Cortini, and Suzanne Ciani.

A documented performance of Jorge Chikiar: Radio Collection with John King, Ariel Passadore, Marcelo Toledo, and Leo Genovese using modulated radios and live processing.