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Tara Jane O'Neil Performs

The Clocktower hosts a one night only performance by the artist/musician.

Tara Jane O’Neil is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and visual artist who creates experimental music in collaboration with other musicians, artists and filmmakers. Her music cannot be characterized by one genre alone, as it transcends aural boundaries, ranging from melodic songcraft to experimental noise, solo singing to ensemble improvisation. O'Neil, along with several longtime collaborators, performs music for her new album WHERE SHINE NEW LIGHTS, which is to be released in January, 2014. She will also incorporate new ensemble material that she created during her residency at the Clocktower.

Tara performs with Dan Littleton, Jean Cook, Mirah Zeitlyn, Ryan Sawyer, Marcia Bassett, and Samara Lubeski.

Born in 1972 in Chicago, Illinois, O’Neil hit the local music scene at the young age of 19, when she became a band member of Roden, a short-lived but influential art-punk ensemble. This marked the start of O’Neil’s extensive musical career, which has since consisted of both solo and collaborative work. She has collaborated with numerous prominent musicians, including singer Mirah and the band Mount Eerie. In addition to intimate clubs and galleries, O’Neil has performed at larger venues, such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, as well as the All Tomorrows Parties Festival in the UK. More information on O'Neil can be found on her website.

Tara Jane O'Neil's Full Bull Moon. Written and recorded at Clocktower :

Video by Joe Ahearn

Maya Hayuk

Maya Hayuk has gained notoriety for her colorful, dynamic and abstract murals, paintings and screen prints. Characterized by symmetrical compositions and intricate patterns, such works recall traditional Ukrainian crafts, space travel and bizarre spiritual landscapes. Hayuk combines advanced painting techniques with the pursuit of psychedelic experience through visual form, so that her work appears to have been made with a carefully studied carelessness; languid, paint drips give way into swaths of color, while rigid geometric shapes open out into free forms.

Tara Jane O'Neil Live

Host Joe Ahearn sits down with one of our final Leonard st. artists, Tara Jane O'Neil. This self described multi instrumentalist and her musical cohorts create rich cohesive sounds, which blend together so well, they make it difficult to tell one instrument from another. The creation is dreamy, compelling, and never boring. This radio show kicks off with an interview where she discusses her time in the Clocktower, musical collaborations, and after hour shenanigans. Joe and Tara talk just before her performance in the main gallery, which can be heard here on the second track. The Clocktower and Tara are a perfect match, as they both end their 40th year, and look forward to future artistic creations. Tara performs with artists Dan Littleton, Jean Cook, Mirah Zeitlyn, Ryan Sawyer, Marcia Bassett, and Samara Lubeski.