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IdeasCity Athens

IdeasCity Radio is a collaboration between the New Museum's IdeasCity initiative and Clocktower, investigating the relationship between art and culture in the city, broadcasting from Detroit, New York, Athens, and beyond.

IdeasCity Radio Athens was streamed live from Greece, every day from September 19 - 24 of 2016, on


Listen to the pre-recorded episodes HERE featuring:
Introducing IdeasCity Radio DJ Stacyé J, Detroit Underground Music Nikolas Ventourakis, Stories from Home Marsha Music, Stories from Home Taylor Renee, Social Justice and the Institution Data, Science, and the City


Date//Theme: Time Program

Monday 19 // Home: 10PM -12AM EEST, 3-5PM EST Introducing IdeasCity by IdeasCity Radio, hosted by Vere van Gool (of IdeasCity) and Joe Ahearn (of Clocktower). IdeasCity Detroit Alumni, Nikolas Ventourakis, and IdeasCity Athens Fellows in conversation on “home.” DJ Set by Athenian The Boy (aka Alexandros Voulgaris).

Tuesday 20 // Social Justice: 10PM -12AM EEST, 3-5PM EST IdeasCity Athens Fellows in conversation with Joe Ahearn (Clocktower) on the humanitarian crisis Athens is facing. Intro and DJ Set on Detroit Underground Music, by IdeasCity Detroit Alumni and Detroit resident, Stacy’e Jones.

Wednesday 21 // Public Culture: 10PM -12AM EEST, 3-5PM EST Performance presented by Black Athena. One hour of experimental radio programming in collaboration with IdeasCity Athens Fellows moderated by Joe Ahearn (Clocktower).

Thursday 22 // Resistance: 10PM -12AM EEST, 3-5PM EST IdeasCity Athens Fellows in conversation with Nikolas Ventourakis (IdeasCity Radio) on culture as political resistance.

Friday 23 // Responding to Athens: 10PM -12AM EEST, 3-5PM EST A conversation on the relationship between art and activism with IdeasCity Athens Fellows and IdeasCity Director Joseph Grima and its program keynote speakers. DJ Set by Athenian Chris Kontos followed by a discussion with the hosts of IdeasCity Radio. Live performance of Greek progressive art band The Callas.

Saturday 24 // Live-stream of Public Conference: 11AM -8PM EEST, 4AM - 1PM EST Featuring: Yaşar Adanalı, John Akomfrah, Sophia Al-Maria, Tania Bruguera, Thomas Doxiadis, Rosanne Haggerty, dream hampton, George Prevelakis, Nick Srnicek, Hito Steyerl, Pelin Tan.

IdeasCity Detroit: Data, Science, and the City

IdeasCity Detroit Fellow alums -- Data artist and designer Ekene Ijeoma, Daanish Masood, of the BeAnotherLab art and science collective that merges neuroscience with performance and VR, and Clocktower's Joe Ahearn -- in a discussion on the intersection of data, science, and the city. 

IdeasCity Athens: Nikolas Ventourakis, Stories from Home

Visual artist, Athens-native, international traveler, and IdeasCity Detroit Fellow alumni Nikolas Ventourakis revisits stories of his homeland with IdeasCity Radio.

IdeasCity Detroit: DJ Stacyé J, Detroit Underground Music

A DJ set from IdeasCity Detroit Fellow alum DJ Stacyé J, in a journey from old school Hip Hop, with a little bit of turn up and the wild sounds coming out of Detroit.


IdeasCity Detroit: Marsha Music, Stories from Home

Self-described "Detroitist" and true documentarian of the city Marsha Philpot (aka Marsha Music) tells IdeasCity Radio stories about her home and her experience as a fellow of IdeasCity Detroit, 2016

IdeasCity Athens: Introducing IdeasCity Radio

An introduction to the IdeasCity Radio in Athens, the collaborative project between Clocktower and IdeasCity, as explained by Karen Wong (New Museum), Joe Ahearn (Clocktower), and Vere van Gool (IdeasCity).