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The Clocktower Gallery hosted the arrival of the Neon Marshmallow festival in New York City.

Originally conceived of in 2009 in Chicago, Neon Marshmallow develops and presents advanced audio, progressive electronics, new music media, and alternative club music. For this opening reception, there were performances by C Spencer Yeh and Zarzutzki, each improvising a solo before culminating in a collaboration.

Zarzutki comes from Chicago along with the rest of the Marshmallow group, working with electronics and experimental turntablism, while C Spencer Yeh (a Moral Kombat veteran) creates his own sonic language out of extended vocals and violin.

On view during the reception was a collection of experimental film and rock music curated by Branko Franceschi, entitled Psychedelic Moving Images from Socialist Yugoslavia. This 75-minute loop exemplifies the impact that capitalist Western society had on Yugolavia’s brand of socialism in the mid-60s to mid-70s, digging into Branko’s deep familiarity with the subject, as director of Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, Croatia, and through his long history with Gallery Miroslav Kraljevic in Zagreb.

The evening also featured a video projection installation by Hisao Ihara.