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Frieze: Downtown Night

The legendary Clocktower Gallery opens for a rare Sunday night special with galleries, studios, long term exhibits, tower, radio and special performances on view.

A brief guide to what's on view: Javelin & Mike Anderson's Canyon Candy film and installation, Caroline Cox installations, Japanther's phone booth, Tony Oursler's talking lights, Haroon Mirza's machine & Hannah Sawtell's May Day project (The Island), Alaina Stamatis hosts bird watching tours of lower Manhattan at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., DJ Shakey's toys, the Mary Heilmann hallway, a Lawrence Weiner from 1974, Sabina Streeter's propaganda room, and others-- plus special projects by Shoplifter and Taraka Larson of Prince Rama.

This whole effort is produced as part of Frieze New York: Downtown Night, our thanks to their team.