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The Babies

The Clocktower Gallery presents The Babies, a country-pop project of members from Brooklyn lo-fi heroes Vivian Girls and Woods, as part of the Canyon Candy performance program.

The Babies are a lo-fi, country-pop side project featuring members of the infamous Vivian Girls and Woods. The band started in 2009 when Vivian Girls front woman, Cassie Ramone, and Woods bassit, Kevin Morby, started to write songs together just for the fun of it. The band released their first album, entitled "the Babies," in February of 2011. For their performance at the Clocktower, they projected the film Paris, Texas, a 1984 drama directed by Wim Wenders, behind them as they played. The film focuses on the protagonist's, Travis Henderson, journey's to and from Texas, and the relationships that he forms, and old ones that he rekindles.

This performance is hosted by Edan Wilber from the venue/record label Death by Audio.

"Hey! Meet me in The City! Hey! Why don't you meet me downtown?"- An invitation from The Babies.