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Muck Performance

Muck, a heavy Icelandic band in residence, performs inside The Clocktower Gallery as a the cap to a month of visiting New York and experimenting with how to push their music towards the sound-scapes and sonic exploration on the edges of the genre.

Free and open to the public. Limited Seating. RSVP required to No admittance after 7pm.


Since their inception in 2007, Muck have gained a reputation as Icelandic hardcore at it's finest. They travel to the Clocktower to initiate our brand new recording studio residency, where they develop and record new material while performing all over NYC- including a show the Clocktower in January. Known as one of the forces that recently revived a faltering Icelandic hardcore/punk scene, Muck will be the first to take advantage of the Clocktower's band project program. This program gives musicians the opportunity to re-examine their practice in the context of the performance, audio, and visual art projects occuring in parallel throughout the Clocktower, and experiment with ways to present and produce their music outside the venue and rehearsal constructs typical on the medium.

Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir & Indridi Arnar Ingólfsson

Icelandic artists Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir & Indridi Arnar Ingólfsson have had an unofficial residency in one of the studio rooms of the Clocktower, which they've opened up for an visual/audio installation of their creative fusion.

Muck Interview

Joe Ahearn sits down and speaks with the Icelandic hardcore/punk band Muck. As the winter 2013 Clocktower band in-residence, the group discusses their experience in New York and their music. During the interview, the band plays their newly recorded songs Ferming, Wake Sleep, and an in-studio improvisation. The segment also features songs by Klink, Zewd, and Swirlies, some of Muck's influences. The five band members featured in this in-studio performance include Ási Thórdarson on drums, Fridrik Helgason as engineer, Indridi Arnar Ingólfsson on guitar and vocals, Karl Torsten Ställborn on guitar, and Loftur Einarsson on bass.