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So Percussion

Experimental time-keepers So Percussion celebrate the release of their new album It Is Time beneath the great gears themselves in the Clocktower Gallery with a free Above The Law performance. Written by composer Steve Mackey and originally performed in Zankel Hall in March 2010 It Is Time is released with Cantaloupe Records.

With the strike of the clock, So Percussion performed their quadruple concerto in its entirety, from the multi-percussion opener with its delayed metronome to the microtonal steel drums, marimba, and drum kit finale. All sorts of surprises ensue; wine bottles, kitchen timers, perpetual-motion sculptures, and an array of other interesting instruments. Along with the performance, their videographer Mark DeChiazza showcases the video montage from a DVD that accompanies the album.

Organized by the Clocktower's Curator of Performance and Installation Joe Ahearn, Above The Law is a performance and installation series highlighting young and emerging artists and musicians. Titled in reference to the various legal offices and agencies that occupy the floors in the Clocktower’s City-owned building, Above The Law challenges preconceived notions about pop and avant garde art and music by featuring artists, bands, and performers who draw from both traditions.

So Percussion, It Is Time

Ensemble So Percussion performs composer Steven Mackey's piece, It Is Time, from their 2011 Cantaloupe Records release. The quartet celebrated the new recording with a performance and reception at the Clocktower Gallery.