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2MF: My Best Worst Thing

2MF (2 Many Feelings) presents an evening of regret, “bad art”, hindsight, and artistic doubt. Participating artists and thinkers will select and share a piece that was once a source of pride and joy, but now a marker of previous identity or discarded ideas.

Participants include:
Ana Božičević
Deric Carner
Sarah Chacich
Sonya Derman
Elizabeth Ferry
Nate Heiges
Citron Kelly
Kristen Jensen
Julian A. Jimarez Howard
Maria Stabio

2MF, run by artists Sonya Derman and Maria Stabio, is a practice encouraging pro-emotive and ante-academic conversation among artists in New York City. Collaborating each month with selected facilitating thinkers, 2MF organizes monthly community meetings – open and participatory experiences – alongside post-meeting discussion aired and archived on Clocktower Radio. More information is available at

Orgy Park was founded in 2012 by Steve Mykietyn. It is an artist run initiative that curates exhibitions/projects with contemporary artists.

2MF with Amy Beecher

This episode of 2MF features a conversation with artist Amy Beecher, following a meeting and workshop at Torrance Shipman Gallery on March 16th, 2016. Beecher speaks with Maria Stabio and Sonya Derman about the Cathy comic strip series, shame, working within the structures of comedy, and existing and creating artwork in the aftermath of second-wave feminism. Music in the episode is from Harry Gould Harvey IV (HeadCleaner).

2MF with Andrea Arrubla

This episode of 2MF features artist Andrea Arrubla following an offsite meeting at Torrance Shipman Gallery. Arrubla steps into the studio to discuss her experience as an undocumented person and artist in New York City. She also discusses her work with BHQFU (Bruce High Quality Foundation University), and its influence on her optimistic outlook on the changing New York art world. Music in the episode is by James Allister Sprang. Andrea Arrubla is a visual artist and poet in Brooklyn, NY. Arrubla is the Student Liaison at BHQFU, New York's freest art school. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions at venues such as New York University's Gallatin School; Essex Flowers, New York; and has been featured in print in OSMOS Magazine and The Third Rail.

2MF with Bethany Ides

This episode of 2MF features artist and writer Bethany Ides. Following an off-site meeting with 2MF hosts at Sunview Luncheonette, Ides steps in the studio to discuss operas and soap operas, Mr. Rogers, intramurality and spectatorship, teaching, and the joy of exceeding reasonable expectations. 2MF is a curated series of monthly community meetings facilitated by selected NYC artists. Centering around content relevant to the facilitating artist, these meetings are partially structured and partially improvised. The location of 2MF meetings is intentionally nomadic. In this spirit, each meeting spot is chosen by the facilitating artist, and changes every month. All meetings are free and open to the public. Post-meeting discussions occur at Clocktower Radio. 2MF on Clocktower Radio features conversations with 2MF's meeting-facilitating artists, reflecting, and referencing the recent in-person meeting. 2MF is organized by artists Sonya Derman and Maria Stabio, who began this artist project to promote pro-emotive and anti-academic conversation among artists in New York City. All 2MF meeting information is available at

2MF with Joshua Smith

The inaugural episode from 2MF (2 Many Feelings) hosts Maria Stabio and Sonya Derman features Joshua Smith, an artist based in Brooklyn and co-founder of Essex Flowers. Along the way, the three discuss morality in the contemporary art world, Lee Lozano, NADA, Shepard Fairey, and appreciation for Tracy Emin. 2MF is organized by Sonya Derman and Maria Stabio. 2MF is determined to promote pro-emotive and anti-academic conversation among artists living dis/contentedly in the un/ranked spaces of the New York's art world. 2MF is a hybridized kind of group: part non-sequitur discussion series, and part group therapy. 2MF is a project in two parts: 1) nomadic in-person meetings, centering on the felt experience coinciding with “content” chosen by a guest artist, and 2) a radio show featuring meandering conversations with 2MF’s guest artists.