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ABC No Rio

Join Paper Cuts host Christopher Kardambikis for zine readings and a panel discussion at the collectively-run center for art and activism, known as a venue for oppositional culture since its founding in 1980.

Jack Bratich from the ABC No Rio Zine Library
Jen Stacey from Belladonna
Christina Long from #BLKGRLSWURLD
Giancarlo Corbacho and Panayiotis Terzis from Creeps Annual
Anthony Tino from Endless Editions


Belladonna is a feminist avant-garde collective, founded in 1999 by Rachel Levitsky. Belladonna* was started as a reading and salon series at Bluestocking’s Women’s Bookstore on New York City’s Lower East Side. In June 2000, in collaboration with Boog Literature, Belladonna* began to publish commemorative ‘chaplets’ of the readers’ work. This series continues today and has reached #188.

The organizational principle of the group is also Feminist in the French Feminist sense, allowing for creativity to take leaps and meander rather than a top-down hierarchical structure. Instead of holding contests or having regular submission periods, we promote feminist literary community among those with a shared (and ever-evolving) poetics. For the most part we develop our reading series and publication list through affiliation and invitation. We work with poets with whom we are collectively in conversation; we look for new poets who are doing what we think is resonant and interventionist. In this manner the collective expands as new poets join our conversations, often volunteering to help with our projects. Anyone who feels aligned with what we are doing can participate, volunteer and contribute to what Belladonna is becoming. Writers who are published by Belladonna often participate in the process of publishing their work and the work of others, and then become involved in the collective.


#BLKGRLSWURLD Zine is open to anyone who supports women in Hardcore Metal.  From progressive metal in Bushwick Brooklyn, to doom bluegrass in Metro Detroit, we cover live shows, festivals, fandoms, bands and DIY culture. The zine accepts submissions quarterly and is free to download and print online.

Christina Long: Completing her MFA in Printmedia from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012, Long and her two younger siblings have been a part of Metalcore culture in the Midwest United States for over a decade, with an interest in promoting the ethnically diverse women who participate in these underground music scenes.

With classical training in violin and mandolin, Long is currently in the process of documenting metalcore culture for a larger project connected to 17th Century opera composition. She also writes music reviews for Webster Hall in East Village.

Creeps Annual

Creeps Annual was founded in 2009 as an independently established and funded visual art publication. Through the years, we have grown to operate as a platform for a wide variety of emerging creatives. Our collective is dedicated to promoting and exploring collaboration through our publications, exhibitions, and events.

Giancarlo Corbacho is a multidisciplinary New York-based creative engaged in the production and social media facets behind Creeps Annual. In addition to their own work which heavily focuses on identity, Giancarlo specializes in graphic design and public relations as half of the conceptual fashion brand Lactic Incorporated. Their preferred pronouns are they / their / theirs.

Panayiotis Terzis is a New York based artist, printer and publisher whose work ranges from zines and ephemeral publications to textile design and large scale installations of printed works on a variety of media. His work collapses the distant past and the far future in a chaotic, sci fi present. He has shown widely across the US and internationally, and has been involved in Creeps since its inception in 2010.

Endless Editions

Endless Editions is the collaboration between Paul John and Anthony Tino that aims at fusing the curatorial and printing experiences of both individuals to highlight artists, regardless of their background, career, gender, sexuality, age or work experience, in the production of limited edition books, prints, and events.

Most recently Endless Editions has partnered with Manhattan Gallery, R.Jampol Project(s) to open a storefront and exhibition space to highlight the artists that they support. In Chinatown Manhattan, Endless Editions is located at 191 Henry Street, and is reachable via the F Train at East Broadway.

Anthony Tino is an artist and curator whose work has shown at the Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics, CULTUREfix Gallery, EFA 20|20 Gallery, Robert C. Turner Gallery and Chashama. When he is not doing studio visits or Riso printing, Tino can be found playing wall-of-sound noise music, reading Don Delillo and brushing up on Italian.

Bureau of General Services - Queer Division

Join Paper Cuts radio host Christopher Kardambikis for zine readings at the Bureau of General Services - Queer Division, a queer cultural center, bookstore, and events space hosted by The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in New York City. Readers: Paul Moreno Arno Mokros Posture // Winter Mendelson and M. Lamar Sy Abudu Nicholas Boggs Sy Abudu is from Los Angeles and lives in Brooklyn, where she creates visual art and zines under the moniker great/grand/golden. Her work, which has been shown at the Black Lesbian DIY Fest, the Feminist Zine Fest, and the Allied Media Conference, features archival images from the Library of Congress "remixed" into new pieces that explore themes of visibility, African-American identity, and relationships through the lens of historical imagery. Sy earned her BFA in film & television from NYU, where she now works as a multimedia producer.