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Dan Friel

On September 9, 2011 at 6pm, the Clocktower presented Dan Friel of the Brooklyn-based experimental rock/noise rock band Parts & Labor in a performance with guest Karen Waltuch on viola. Using his patented ability to morph squealing keyboards into surprisingly catchy anthems, Friel pushes the boundaries of both noisenik audio art and punk. In this Above the Law performance at the Clocktower, Friel performed new and improvisational work.

Organized by the Clocktower's Curator of Performance and Installation Joe Ahearn, Above The Law is a performance and installation series highlighting young and emerging artists and musicians. Titled in reference to the various legal offices and agencies that occupy the floors in the Clocktower’s City-owned building, Above The Law challenges preconceived notions about pop and avant garde art and music by featuring artists, bands, and performers who draw from both traditions.