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Moral Kombat: Darren "Driphouse" Ho vs. G Lucas Crane

G Lucas Crane brought with him a custom built tape deck and teal headphones converted into a microphone worn like a snorkel mask. Darren Ho played a synthesizer he had made that was the size of a breadbox. Ho's electronic vibrations, paired with Crane's wailing vocals and tape mixing, created a haunted underwater sound that permeated both floors of the gallery. After the performance, the crowd waited in partial silence as the Moral Magistrate came to a decision, and ultimately, G Lucas Crane was declared the winner.

Moral Kombat is organized by G Lucas Crane with Clocktower Gallery Performance and Installation Curator Joe Ahearn.

Moral Kombat: Darren "Driphouse" Ho vs. G Lucas Crane

Moral Kombat is a bi-monthly performance series, curated by former Clocktower artist in residence G Lucas Crane, that pairs audio artists together in a sound battle in the Clocktower. An inquiry into the impossibility of assigning objective value to music, this series poses the question: "Which one is the morally superior composer?" A question answered by the equally thought provoking Moral Magistrate, an interactive light sculpture built to communicate messages of fate. In the inaugural event of the series on January 18th, Darren Ho battled G Lucas Crane, with Crane receiving the blessing of the Moral Magistrate.