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Crystal Stokowski Reception and Concert

Crystal Stokowski debuts her studio project, along with a performance by Buffalo Stance. Projects on view by Judith Supine and Maya Hayuk, along with the Dale Henry exhibit.

Philadelphia based artist Crystal Stokowski shows off her immense collection of art for this Clocktower event. The diverse pieces include colorful fabric collages, sewing, book binding and writing, and range in scale from mural size fabric installations to pocket size zines.

This self taught artist and current member of Philadelphia based artist collective, Space 1026 finds inspiration in the transcendent mysticism of Oceania, and her own formative experiences with the Pacific Ocean and Oahu, Hawaii. She works with repurposed and found materials, as well as video and soundscapes, procured from her travels.

More on Buffalo Stance here: NYMPH, originally scheduled to perform on this night, has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Crystal Stokowski

Starting October 28th, come see Crystal Stokowski and watch how she intertwines her psychedelic screen prints with monochromatic pyrographs. Stokowski's patterns are formative to her experiences with the sea and the transcendent mysticisms of Oceania. This new work is inspired by Crystal's surf travels of the Pacific ocean and her part time residence in Oahu, Hawaii. This installation will involve repurposed and found materials as well as video and soundscapes from the artists travels. Crystal Stokowski is currently a member of Space 1026, a Philadelphia based artist collective. Stokowski works in a variety of mediums: colorful fabric collage, sewing, book binding and writing. Her work ranges in scale: from mural size fabric installations to pocket size zines and dream catchers made from organic materials. Crystal Stokowski is an accomplished self-taught artist with an extensive resume. She has been a part of several bands and has worked with a variety of media including screen printing, woodwork and textiles. Stokowski has exhibited around the country, having held both group and solo shows at venues such as The Institute of Contemporary Art, in Philadelphia, the Lobot Gallery in Oakland, California, and the Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. Click here to see more of Stokowski's work.

Crystal Stokowski, Shark's Tooth

Joe Ahearn interviews the artist in advance of a reception at the Clocktower featuring her project room. Silk screening, sewing, wood burning, assembled and mixed fabrics and materials, thrift shop and discarded scraps reconstitued. Hear about her dual life as a surfer in Hawaii and active part of aPhildadelphia artist collective..