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Above the Law: Ava Luna

On August 2, 2011 the Clocktower Gallery presented Ava Luna in its Above the Law performance series.

Mixing pop, soul, and gospel in equal parts, Ava Luna is a favorite in the Brooklyn DIY scene and has toured across the Lower 48 as well as the European Union. Their sound has been compared to TV on the Radio, Dirty Projectors, Prince and Arab on Radar, and called by music critic Christopher Weingarten “beautiful, infectious, and damn-near indescribable.”

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Organized by the Clocktower's Curator of Performance and Installation Joe Ahearn, Above The Law is a performance and installation series highlighting young and emerging artists and musicians. Titled in reference to the various legal offices and agencies that occupy the floors in the Clocktower’s City-owned building, Above The Law challenges preconceived notions about pop and avant garde art and music by featuring artists, bands, and performers that draw from both traditions.

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The Clocktower Gallery is located in a City-owned building at 108 Leonard Street between Broadway and Lafayette, so please, remember to bring you ID for security. Enter through the grey door under the scaffolding and take the elevator to the 12th Floor. Take a left, enter through the red staircase B door, and walk up to the 13th Floor. The AIR offices and studios are down the corridor.