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Samba na Casa do Gato

This participatory art event, organized by Thiago Carrapatoso, brings together Brazilian traditional culture and our current Western-themed installation Canyon Candy. A chorinho band, Regional de NY, intermingles with the musical soundscapes of the Canyon Candy cowboy installation. Coyotes and cactus flowers are complemented by Brazilian fare of specialty appetizers and potent pitchers of Brazilian cachaça. The three elements (music + food + drinks) entice lovers in an environment familiar to both cultures. At the Clocktower we aim to promote high spirits, collaboration, creativity and communal love. To hear our recording of the live music from that night click here.

Food and refreshments generously provided by Miss Favela, a botequim, a Brazilian neighborhood bistro, located on the edge of Wiliamsburg, right next to the Williamsburg Bridge.

Host/producer of the radio series Sonoridade Béco Dranoff spun a magical cameo set, and joined Jeannie Hopper to host the live streamcast.


Thiago Carrapatoso is a journalist for Faculdade Cásper Líbero (2006) and specialist in Communication, Arts and Technology by Centro Universitário de Belas Artes (2008). Is executive-director of the not-for-profit organization Veredas, one of the institutions contemplated for Prêmio de Mídia Livre (Free Media Award - 2010), conceived by Brazilian Ministry of Culture. Was researcher about digital media and internet by Fundação Nacional de Artes (Funarte) with the work "The Art of Cybridism", which won the Prize for Studies and Researches about Art and/or Art Economy in Brazil, conceived by Fundação Bienal de São Paulo.

Béco Dranoff is a São Paulo-born and New York based DJ, A&R, film producer, music supervisor and compiler. With Sonoridade, Béco brings the best of classic and modern Brazilian music to the radio station of the Clocktower Gallery.

Regional de NY is a traditional choro group in the style of the great Brazilian ensembles of years past and present. Our mission is to keep the rich musical tradition of choro alive in a contemporary US context. We bring a deep love for the history of the genre together with a modern attitude towards arrangement and performance to create a style of choro that reflects our time, place, and backgrounds. We also have a community-building objective: by hosting regular rodas (jam sessions), we bring our music to the public in an informal setting and provide a unique opportunity for students of choro to sit in with the band and hone their craft. For more information, click here.

This program is made possible in part with the generous support of the Jerome Foundation.

Regional de NY (Brazilian Choro and Samba)

Samba na Casa do Gato, curated by Alanna Heiss and Natalia Mount and hosted by journalist/organizer Thiago Carrapatoso, was recorded during Clocktower Gallery's Brazilian Valentine love feast on Feb. 14, 2012. Visitors were treated to a DJ set of great Brazilian tunes by producer Béco Dranoff, food from Williamsburg's botequim style Miss Favela restaurant, and live music from Regional de NY playing in the traditional chorinho style. This show features their set. Regional de NY specializes in choro and samba music and consists of musicians Rodrigo Ursaia (flute), Justin Douglas (mandolin), Cesar Garabini (7-string guitar), Kahil Nayton(cavaquinho), and Ranjan Ramchandan (percussion).