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The New Dreamz: The Idea

A live show at the Clocktower with a performance by The New Dreamz and open studios from the New Dreamz and Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter's Aeromural. 6pm. No admission after 7pm. Bring an ID. RSVP required to

In The Idea, The New Dreamz travel through the 4th wall, the 5th wall, the 6th wall, and then they create new walls, they travel into them, explore, and then break through them. Creating maximal movements in a minimal space, The New Dreamz are the paint brush and they are also the canvas.

Pre-show in Studio 8: The New Dreamz will have an open studio installation giving the The Clocktower Gallery Tuesday night event attendees a unique perspective into The New Dreamz's process.

With influences as diverse as horror films, modern dance and New Age mysticism, The New Dreamz mismatch disparate aesthetics and cultural references, creating absurd new narratives. Variations are created from both simple and complex dialogues between each other while performing on stage, creating video and in the writing process. .

The New Dreamz

Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Rose Luardo work together as the duo The New Dreamz. In their work, which is primarily expressed through the mediums of video and performance, they explore identity, class, pop culture, beauty, sexuality, and even the process of art making itself. Blending a myriad of eclectic influences they re-contextualize their source material and create a dense and vibrant landscape that takes the audience into a total mind and body experience. They bend reality with an eye towards illumination. What they yield is a mix of visual poetry, identity art, and the trying on of body comportment. Wright and Luardo find creative fodder in the materials they have amassed over years of friendship. They use a stockpile of wigs, costumes, curiosities, lot store items and the like--to transform themselves.