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After Hours, Room Mate Grace Hotel

Times Square Arts and The Clocktower Gallery present After Hours, a series of ephemeral installations and performances hidden amongst the Times Square district¹s diverse venues, recorded for radio and video dissemination.

The live streamcast takes place 10-11pm EDT during the Room Mate Grace Hotel event featuring Materialization/De-Materialization, a video and water installation by Marco Brambilla, with Color Organ soundtrack by Cammisa Buerhaus.

Marco Brambilla’s new work, Materialization/De-materialization uses video samples from the “Transporter Room” effect from the original Star Trek television series where the characters were “De-materialized” then teleported through space and “Re-materialized” at their destination. Groupings of hundreds of characters are introduced using this effect, each edited into a motion loop where they are never fully revealed and always appear on the verge of departure or arrival, trapped in a perpetual state of transition. To make this work, Brambilla sampled each instance where this effect appears in the 27 episodes of the original Star Trek television series (1966-69), then removed each character from the original background, leaving only the outline of the person appearing and disappearing in a shimmering curtain of floating sparkle.

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After Hours, Room Mate Grace Hotel

A collection of sounds and conversations from our live streamcast from the Room Mate Grace Hotel in April 2013 produced by the Clocktower Gallery in partnership with Times Square Arts and media partner Hyperallergic. The program, part of an ongoing After Hours series for Times Square locations, featured video and sound work by Marco Brambilla and music by Cammisa Buerhaus. Your will also hear interviews with project producers Sherry Dobbin, Director of Public Art, Times Square Alliance Tim Tompkins President, Times Square Alliance Nelson J. Rico, National Sales Manager for Room Mate Hotels Hrag Vartanian, Editor-in-Chief of Hyperallergic