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Richard Fleming

Program Director of the 2015 Ghetto Biennale Radyo Shak in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Richard Fleming is a self-described chronic relaxationist, amateur musicologist, culinary explorer, obsessive ornithologist, dj, documentary audio recordist, travel addict, author, and photographer. He has camped in the frozen deserts of Antarctica, accompanied Kofi Annan around the world in eight days, flown missions over Kandahar with the US Army Reserve, followed Imelda Marcos on the presidential campaign trail in the Philippines, and sweltered on the decks of a nuclear aircraft carrier plying the waters of the Persian Gulf. In the summer of 2000 he walked across Cuba, traveling from Pinar del Rio in the west to Guantánamo city in the east. The experiences from that journey became the book Walking to Guantánamo, published by Commons Books in 2008. His photographs, travel writing and journalism have appeared in The Times of London, The Miami Herald, The Suddeutsche Zeitung, and Cabinet Magazine, among other publications.

You can learn more about all of Fleming's various projects at He is also the mastermind behind the @amazingbarbershop feed on instagram. When not on the road, Fleming lives in Brooklyn, NY.


Radio Benjamin: Berlin Guttersnipe

Benjamin recounts tales from the Tiergarten, a wilderness within early 20th Century Berlin. 


From the Crates to Your Ears

DJ Richard Nixon wanders into Bene’s Record Shop. 


Record Store Day

National Record Store Day (or was it... International?) was celebrated in fine form at Bene’s Record Shop in Red Hook.


Pan-Caribbean Spectacular

A monster influx of records from every corner of the Caribbean inspires DJ Richard Nixon to host a pan-Carib spectacular, with tunes ranging from Haiti and the Dominican Republic to St. Kitts and Trinidad.


Dj Richard Nixon Interviews Ted Riederer

Dj Richard Nixon Interviews Ted Riederer.


The Clean-Out Man

The fourteenth episode of DJ Richard Nixon's Live from Bene’s is a tribute to the "clean-out man".


Zeal Harris, Following Miss Hurston to Haiti , producer

Yao Ramesar, Haiti Bride , producer


Val Jeanty , host

Twoubadou, Pt. 2 , host

Twoubadou, Pt. 1, host

Twoubadou Eden Fel Concert , producer

Twouba Eden Fel (Kreyol) , producer

Twouba Eden Fel (English) , producer

Tom Bogaert, Rocket Number Nine, producer

Thomas C. Chung, Pan Patat, producer

Thomas C. Chung, Little by Little , producer

The Surrealists of Haiti, producer

Test, host

Tasso Bef/Fried Seasoned Beef, producer

Stuart Baker DJ Set (Part 2) , producer

Stuart Baker DJ Set (Part 1), producer

St. Trinite String Quartet, host

St. Trinité String Quartet , producer

Secretary Daniel Miller, producer

Rosemarie Recipe: Mayi Moulin/Ground Corn, producer

Rony Cadet, Vodou Marassa, producer

Richard Morse and Andre Eugene in Conversation, producer

Richard Laurent, Earthman , host

Richard Fleming, Amazing Barbershop, producer

Radyo Shak Rara Wrapup, host

Radhika Khimji, Safely Standing, producer

Poetry Slam, Triyole Group + Maison Blanche, producer

Poetry Slam , producer

Patrick Derival & Wilson Bonhomme, Vodou Drumming (Kreyol) , producer

Patrick Derival & Wilson Bonhomme, Vodou Drumming (English) , producer

Papada Blessing the Shak , producer

Michelange Quay , host

Michael Mulvihill, Charcoal, producer

Michael K. Taylor, Rara to Second Line, producer

Live From Bene's: Protest Music Special , host

Live From Bene's, To Sunny , host

Live From Bene's Christmas Spectacular , host

Live From Bene's, host

Leo Morrisey , producer

Lee Lee’s Home-Gardens, producer

Leah Gordon, Andre Eugène, and Alanna Heiss , producer

Laura Wagner, Radio Haiti Archive, host

Laura Heyman, Pa Bouje Ankò , host

Lakou Kèv: Haitian Wax, host

Kwynn Johnson, Barrack Yard, producer

Konbit Mizik: Romel Jean Pierre, Prince BR, and Danny , host

Konbatan , producer

Junior's Recipe, producer

Joshua Jelly-Schapiro, host

Joe Winter, Radyo Shak Architect, producer

Jean-Euphèle Milcé, producer

Jean-Daniel Lafontant: Vodou, Drumming, and Rara, producer

Jean-Daniel Lafontant, Temple Nah-Ri-Veh, producer

Jamie Ross, A Script of Desire, producer

Jackson Thélémaque (Kreyol) , producer

Jackson Thélémaque (English), producer

Ismael Ogando's Erzulie Dantor, producer

Gina Cunningham, Boat Tree, producer

Ghetto Biennale: Radyo Shak , producer

Geto Byenal: Radyo Shak (Kreyol) , producer

Forever Rara Fanm, producer

Evel Romain, producer

Emily McMehen: Max Beauvoir, producer

Edgar Endress, The story of institutions, producer

Djarara Live on J'Ouvert Night 2015, host

DJ Richard Nixon: 7 Inches of Soul , host

DJ Richard Nixon, To Prince , host

DJ Richard Nixon, Jamaican Pressings , host

DJ Richard Nixon, Electoral Headache, host

DJ Richard Nixon, Brazilian Vinyl , host

DJ Richard Nixon, Bene's Dollar Bin , host

DJ Richard Nixon Live from Bene's Record Shop, host

DJ Love Leonce , producer

DJ Clifford Bawon , producer

DJ Bwa Pen, producer

Dany Laferrière & Andre Eugène , producer

Clocktower Live from work x work ON AIR at the Wythe Hotel, curator

Christien Sylvaince, Merisier Jeannis Fest, producer

Chiktay / Herring Salad for Drinkers Recipe , producer

Casseus Claudel, Imajine, host

Carl Martin Faurby, Lakou Freelance , producer

Bryan Rodriguez & Tween Rappers , producer

Barbershop Portraits , producer

Bann Konte, host

Banann ak Yam nan Sos Pwason Recipe, producer

Anonymous DJ Set (Part 2) , producer

Anonymous DJ Set , producer

Anna Sebastian, producer

André Breton Lecture , producer

Achim Mohné & Uta Kopp, REMOTEWORDS, producer

DJ Richard Nixon, Hailu Mergia, host