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DJ Richard Nixon Live from Bene's Record Shop

In this shameless parody of an infomercial, DJ Richard Nixon, fresh from retirement, brings you a wide selection of tunes from Bene’s Record Shop, the Red Hook community’s local vinyl purveyor and hang-out spot at 360 Van Brunt Street in Brooklyn. Nixon plays only records that are in stock on the day he records the show. The idea for this monthly program came to him, he says, for two reasons. First, he refuses to use Serato and originally retired from deejaying because he was tired of schlepping crates in and out of clubs. Second, the local record shop is the kind of community institution that has almost been extinguished by the internet, a place to go and chill, sit on a couple of EZ chairs and listen to tunes, and maybe buy that vinyl treasure that has been nagging at your since your last visit, while actually interacting with other living humans. Tune in monthly for the latest from Bene’s, or better yet come on in and introduce yourself. This debut show features some classic calypsos, because it is carnival week!


Live From Bene's


Self-described chronic relaxationist, amateur musicologist, culinary explorer, obsessive ornithologist, DJ, documentary audio recordist, travel addict, author, and photographer, Richard Fleming (as DJ Richard Nixon) hosts a broad selection of tunes from the selection at Bene’s Record Shop, the Red Hook community’s local vinyl purveyor located at 360 Van Brunt Street in Brooklyn, NY.