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Michael K. Taylor, Rara to Second Line

Photographer, sculptor, writer, and video artist Michael K. Taylor stops by the Radyo Shak at the 2015 Ghetto Biennale to discuss currency in Haiti, community sculpture, and the connection between Rara and the second line parades of New Orleans with the Shak team.

Taylor's Ghetto Biennale project, entitled Membrane, explored the idea of being a "refugee," in transition between physical places, spiritual beliefs, technology, and theories. Caribbean and American port cities such as Port Au Prince, Haiti and New Orleans, LA share histories of belief, commerce, and culture and have become shattered by natural disasters such as Katrina. The work was formed through a combination of collected objects that are "refugees" of their initial placement or use.



Ghetto Biennale: Radyo Shak


Radyo Shak was the independent broadcast voice of the Ghetto Biennale of Haiti, hosting freeform radio including Rara bands, locals, artists and writers, and Haitian revolutionary history.