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Papada Blessing the Shak

Plagued by technical difficulties and bandwidth issues, and hoping literally to get into the spirit of broadcasting live from Port-au-Prince, the Radyo Shak team commissioned a small vodou ceremony to initiate the Shak and set the Radyo Shak on an auspicious path. Local Grand Rue houngan, or vodou priest, Papada agreed to perform this ceremony for a very reasonable fee, and so one evening at dusk he brought a plate of cornmeal, some candles and cane liquor, and traced a vévé for the lwa or spirit, Legba, on the ground at the doorway to the Shak.

The ceremony is initially almost silent, but, as the crowd swelled and passersby gathered quietly to watch, the Shak’s own Richard Fleming decided to narrate the events that were unfolding. The audio steps the listener through the ceremony in a manner akin to a 1950's science documentary narrator. As the ceremony continued, Papada began to sing, followed by local Alphonse Kettie. At the end another passing houngan joins in, rounding out a series of vodou songs to various lwa.


Ghetto Biennale: Radyo Shak


Radyo Shak was the independent broadcast voice of the Ghetto Biennale of Haiti, hosting freeform radio including Rara bands, locals, artists and writers, and Haitian revolutionary history. 

Geto Byenal: Radyo Shak (Kreyol)


Radyo Shak se vwa lakou Geto Byenal 2015 lan. Nan yon ti shak sou la Gran Ri kote Atis Rezistans, Radyo Shak te difuze tout sa kap fet pandan Byenal lan ant Desamb 10 jiske 21. Direkte Pwogram yo, Richard Fleming, avek Direkte Pwoje sa-a, Jake Nussbaum te animate tout kalite radyo nan zon sa-a, tan kou anrejistreman misisyen rara yo, iantevu avek moun nan zon nan, atis, ekrivan, infomasyon sou tout pwoje yo, histwa revolusyone d’Ayiti, tout emete sou radyo antenet, FM 89.1 epi sou baff nan zon lan. The English language programming from the Radyo Shak is available here: Ghetto Biennale: Radyo Shak