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The Clean-Out Man

The fourteenth episode of DJ Richard Nixon's Live from Bene’s is a tribute to the "clean-out man". 

The source of so many hard-to-find used records, the "clean-out specialist" is that guy, something like Sanford and Son, who makes his living by driving around in a battered panel van and offering to offload all your unwanted crap.

Is your garage cluttered? Is your basement a minefield of unwanted unexploded ordinance and memories of previous lives and near-forgotten relationships? Never fear, the clean-up man is here! For a modest fee he will cart it all away. Some goes to the dump, some goes fishing for takers on eBay, and some, especially the piles of moldy vinyl from the wet cellars of the world, goes straight to the record store.

Join me in drinking a toast, to the clean-out man!


Live From Bene's


Self-described chronic relaxationist, amateur musicologist, culinary explorer, obsessive ornithologist, DJ, documentary audio recordist, travel addict, author, and photographer, Richard Fleming (as DJ Richard Nixon) hosts a broad selection of tunes from the selection at Bene’s Record Shop, the Red Hook community’s local vinyl purveyor located at 360 Van Brunt Street in Brooklyn, NY.

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