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Live From Bene's, To Sunny

The second episode of DJ Richard Nixon live from Bene's Record Shop is dedicated to the late Sunny Balzano, neighborhood fixture, artist, barkeeper, ray of sunshine and patriarch of Sunny's Bar on Conover Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Balzano passed away mid-March 2016, at age 81. As always, Nixon's set contains an eclectic selection of tunes having in common only that they are currently available for sale in the store, on lovingly pre-owned vinyl. Funky blues, classic latin and the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca join crusty country tunes that would be right at home on the battered turntable at Sunny's. Pour a bit of rum on the ground in memory of the departed, and enjoy!


Live From Bene's


Self-described chronic relaxationist, amateur musicologist, culinary explorer, obsessive ornithologist, DJ, documentary audio recordist, travel addict, author, and photographer, Richard Fleming (as DJ Richard Nixon) hosts a broad selection of tunes from the selection at Bene’s Record Shop, the Red Hook community’s local vinyl purveyor located at 360 Van Brunt Street in Brooklyn, NY.

Clocktower Mixtape


Personalities, experts, and DJs share mixes of their latest and rarest finds.