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DJ Richard Nixon, Jamaican Pressings

Seeking inspiration, DJ Richard Nixon stopped into Bene’s record shop, also known as Swoopleton’s Groove Palace. “What’s new?” he asked. Replying with a gesture, the store proprietor pointed to a dusty milk crate overflowing with 45 rpm records. “I’m not sure what all is in there, but feel free to have a look.” Upon closer inspection, the crate is found to contain original Jamaican pressings ranging from early 1990s dancehall all the way back to ska and bluebeat. After making a stack of the most promising pieces, Nixon deejayed an island-heavy show made up entirely of 7-inch records.


Live From Bene's


Self-described chronic relaxationist, amateur musicologist, culinary explorer, obsessive ornithologist, DJ, documentary audio recordist, travel addict, author, and photographer, Richard Fleming (as DJ Richard Nixon) hosts a broad selection of tunes from the selection at Bene’s Record Shop, the Red Hook community’s local vinyl purveyor located at 360 Van Brunt Street in Brooklyn, NY.

Clocktower Mixtape


Personalities, experts, and DJs share mixes of their latest and rarest finds.