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As a kid in London, DB used to fall asleep at night with a transistor radio hidden under his pillow. He has been addicted to hearing new music ever since. Here, he brings that music to you. 

This is not a music show that's restricted to a particular genre, or even a specific decade, although it has an emphasis on indie rock with electronic elements or electronic music that's not simply for the dance floor. It's a weekly 90-minute mixtape-style show that is as musically open-minded as the musical landscape is wide. 

Discovering John Peel in the mid 70's, DB loved the way this low-key sounding DJ would mix his shows, not only by genre, but also by playing music from the distant past, alongside music by his favorite new and unknown artists. Although he was known for playing some of the most obscure and left-field music, Peel was never afraid to play something "Pop" if he believed it good – at the peak of the punk rock explosion in the UK, he played the Rolling Stones’ newly released Black & Blue in its entirety. It was this kind of programming that has inspired DB, encouraging him to be as musically open-minded as he could. It's now his goal to try to excite and inspire the listener just as Peel did him. 

As a club & rave DJ for 20 years, DB always felt somewhat frustrated by how confined and restricted DJ's had to be in that culture. Here, DB releases those confines, using the space to share his knowledge and vast collection of music and play what's new and inspiring to him. 

For his website, including a brief bio of DB's career, click here. Also check out his insane record collection here.

For more please visit: DB Does A Blog, or connect with him on his Facebook page.


Rock N' Roll Revisited, host

Pure Drum & Bass - Unmixed, host

DB9, host

DB8, host

DB7, host

DB67: Dark Beats, host

DB63: Them’s the Breaks, host

DB62: White Hot For Winter, host

DB61: The Best of 2015 (Part 2) , host

DB60: The Best of 2015 (Part 1), host

DB6, host

DB59: Reflecting Light to Dark, host

DB58: Electronic Dance Music But Not EDM, host

DB57: Bright Ideas, host

DB56: Eclecticism, host

DB55: Dark Tones, host

DB54: Minus Guitars, host

DB53: Close to the Edge, host

DB52: Rock 'n' Roll, Part 3, host

DB51: Best of 2014, host

DB50: Faves of the Fifty, host

DB5, host

DB49: Punchy Guitars & Wicked Keyboard Lines, host

DB48: Exclusive Business, host

DB47: Pop Isn't a Dirty Word, host

DB46: Futures, Past & Present, host

DB45: Devil's in the Details, host

DB44: Back in Black, host

DB43: Old Ravers Never Die, host

DB41: Intros , host

DB40: Beats & Pieces, host

DB4, host

DB39: Dark or Dance, host

DB38: Echo, Reverb & Delay, host

DB37: Dub, Reverb & Delay, host

DB36: Past & Present, Perfect Guitars, host

DB35: Deadly, Delicate or Deranged Drums (Now with EVEN more DNB), host

DB34: Highs & Lows (with added DNB), host

DB33: Best of 2012, host

DB32: It's not about Turntables vs Guitars!, host

DB31: Don't Be Narrow Minded, host

DB3, host

DB29: Cool & Kooky Covers, host

DB28: New & Even Newer, host

DB27: Four Tet, host

DB26: Processed Beats, host

DB25 Solid Gold, host

DB24 Chill(tidal)wave, host

DB23 DFA Spotlight (Part 2), host

DB22 DFA Spotlight (Part 1), host

DB21, host

DB20, host

DB2, host

DB19, host

DB18, host

DB17, host

DB16, host

DB15, host

DB14, host

DB13, host

DB12, host

DB11, host

DB10, host

DB1, host

DB's Best of 2013, host

DB 69: Best of 2016 , host

DB 68: Remixes & Versions, host

DB 65: Exclusive Business, host

DB 64: All Fresh, Nothing Vintage, host

BLURRINGradio, host