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DB46: Futures, Past & Present

This 90-minute mixtape had no intended theme but when DB listened back he noticed how many of the new productions were really striving for a sound from eras gone by, while the older ones all sounded so futuristic back then and still sounded very current. Please write in with any comments or requests to

You will hear the following in this mix:

Simple Minds, Episode, Todd Terje, Spoon, Wye Oak, Elephant Stone, Arctic Monkeys, MachineDrums mix of Kelis, Elbow. B Movie, The Fresh & Onlys, Downlines Sekt, Editors, Younghusband, Keeno, and Scuba.





As a kid in London, DB used to fall asleep at night with a transistor radio hidden under his pillow. He has been addicted to hearing new music ever since. Here, he brings that music to you. 

This is not a music show that's restricted to a particular genre, or even a specific decade, although it has an emphasis on indie rock with electronic elements or electronic music that's not simply for the dance floor. It's a 90-minute mixtape-style show that is as musically open-minded as the musical landscape is wide.