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DB57: Bright Ideas

A spread of groove-based rock and electronic treasures style DB’s 57th show. Kick back to 90 minutes of bright tracks with exceptional diversity in style and sound!

In this program you will hear tracks by: The Chemical Brothers, PUMA ROSA, De Lux, Jamie xx, New Order, Fine Print, U, Kurt Vile, Kate Tempest, Georgia, Tame Impala, Jesse R. Berlin, Pink Skull, Kasabian, Anile, The Ravenettes, GOSSAMER, and Win Win.

As always, please write to DB at if you have any questions or comments.




As a kid in London, DB used to fall asleep at night with a transistor radio hidden under his pillow. He has been addicted to hearing new music ever since. Here, he brings that music to you. 

This is not a music show that's restricted to a particular genre, or even a specific decade, although it has an emphasis on indie rock with electronic elements or electronic music that's not simply for the dance floor. It's a 90-minute mixtape-style show that is as musically open-minded as the musical landscape is wide.