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The his final installment for the year 2010 DB features music from hard to find places--like a live Richard Ashcroft recording from V2000 and four supremely mixed tracks that Apparat has melted together like Raisinettes in his pants pocket from monsterpiece album DJ-KiCKS. Also on the mix are classics like Talking Heads, The Clash, and David Bowie--featuring those special tracks that were either like first kisses or wedding vows sealing an undying admiration for these freaky music rebels. The mix balances edgy sounds with the cool calm bass line beats of a psycho killer.

Thanks to the record labels who support these awesome artists: !K7, Veryverywrongindeed Records, Epic, Brainfeeder, Parlophone, London Records, Sequel, In Stereo, Virgin Records America Inc., Versatile Records, Planet Mu, Quarterstick, DGC/Interscope, Sire Records, TBD Records, Polydor, Eenie Meenie Recoreds, and Polyvinyl Records.




As a kid in London, DB used to fall asleep at night with a transistor radio hidden under his pillow. He has been addicted to hearing new music ever since. Here, he brings that music to you. 

This is not a music show that's restricted to a particular genre, or even a specific decade, although it has an emphasis on indie rock with electronic elements or electronic music that's not simply for the dance floor. It's a 90-minute mixtape-style show that is as musically open-minded as the musical landscape is wide.