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Ethan Primason

Ethan Primason is an Audio Engineer and Musician based in New York who has worked at Northern-Spy Records, Electric Lady Studios and WFMU. Ethan holds a degree in Music and Anthropology from Kenyon College.


Intercourse Radio

From the rib of Pioneer Works' annual publication Intercourse Magazine comes Intercourse Radio. The aural extension of its printed counterpart, Intercourse Radio is a collection of interviews and audio highlights to further feed your inter-disciplinary curiosities.


QCA : Creative Conversations

Creative Conversations is a signature program of the Queens Council on the Arts. It is a monthly dinner meeting hosted in different Queens neighborhoods where artists have the opportunity to network, organize, meet community stakeholders, and develop strategies for community advocacy. It is open to artists and the general public.


Radio Benjamin: Demonic Berlin

Benjamin sketches the future characters of the city that would populate his strange and celebrated urban fantasies.


Establishing Artist Driven Spaces

Downtown artists interested in developing their own artistic work and presentation spaces shared their experiences with establishing artist-driven spaces.


Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning

On Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 6:00-8:00pm, QCA hosted the first of its Creative Conversations at Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning.


DCA's Kendal Henry, Public Art

A conversation about shared resources for public art projects offered at DCA.


Sante Antonelli, Made in Queens

In this edition of QCA's Creative Conversations, We will be joined by Sante Antonelli, Director of Business Services at Made in Queens (MiQ) and the Entrepreneurial Assistance Program at the Queens Economic Development Corporation.


Esperanza Spalding and Yuka Honda

This Intercourse gives us interviews with the wonderful Esperanza Spalding and Yuka C. Honda, as well as a recording of Virgin Writes.


Elizabeth Streb and Lisa Randall

During this Intercourse, Elizabeth Streb talks about what's necessary and what's efficient and Lisa Randall discusses image manipulation.


Milford Graves and Jean-Daniel Lafontant

In this episode of IntercourseMilford Graves and Jean-Daniel Lafontant discuss the connections between vodou drumming, heartbeat rhythms, and political revolution.


John Ashbery

In this episode of Intercourse, hear John Ashberry read from his selected works. American authors Geoffery O'BrienBen LernerMonica de la Torre, and John Yau discuss Ashberry's influence.


Anechoic Sounds : Lori Napoleon (Antenes)

Lecture No.3 of the Site : Sound series features muscian Lori Napoleon (Antenes), who lead a demonstration exploring the concept of silence and the psychoacoustic effects of anechoic (echo-less) sound on our senses over time.


Knockdown Center : Ashcan Orchestra

Performing live at Knockdown Center for Site : Sound's culminating showcase, Ashcan Orchestra delivered a spellcasting performance featuring a sound-responsive light show, bells, operatic vocals, and more.


Knockdown Center : Eli Keszler

As the final act of the evening, composer, and percussionist Eli Keszler delivered a powerful solo performance; situated just off the main stage in the heart of Knockdown Center


ZE Records, host

Wume, producer

Vanity Records, host

The Frightnrs, Swing-A-Ling, host

TEST: Repatriating the White Cube, producer

Studio Sessions: DaiKyoFuroShiki, host

Seth Cluett: Rock, Paper, Zither, producer

Second Sundays: Rob Curto’s Pé De Serra All-Stars and Innove Gnawa Band, producer

Second Sundays: May 2015 Mixtape, producer

Second Sundays: Kaleta & Zozo Afrobeat and Zenen Zeferino y La Verdolaga en Playa, producer

Second Sundays: July Mixtape, producer

Second Sundays: Gamelan Yowana Sari and Breakdown Brass , producer

Second Sundays: Bulla En El Barrio and Supermambo, producer

Second Sundays: August Mixtape, host

Second Sundays September Mixtape, host

Second Sundays October Mixtape , producer

Second Sundays Mixtape (November 2015), producer

Second Sundays Interviews: Mathilde Roussel, Jesse Moretti, Olivier Conan, and Janka Nabay, producer

Second Sundays Artist Interviews: Hatim Belyamani, Pretty Sick, Christy Gast, Denise Milstein, Amelia Winger-Bearskin, producer

Second Sunday Interviews: Cooper Holoweski and Amirtha Kidambi, host

Scientific Controversies: One-Way Ticket to Mars, producer

Scientific Controversies: Is Reality Beautiful?, producer

Scientific Controversies: Can We Explain the World?, producer

Rune Grammofon, host

Roscoe Mitchell Live at Pioneer Works , producer

Red Hook Film Festival , producer

Radio Benjamin:The Rental Barracks, producer

Radio Benjamin:The Railway Disaster at Firth of Tay, producer

Radio Benjamin: Witch Trials, producer

Radio Benjamin: Theater Fire in Canton, producer

Radio Benjamin: The Mississippi Flood of 1927, producer

Radio Benjamin: The Lisbon Earthquake, producer

Radio Benjamin: The Bastille, producer

Radio Benjamin: Robber Bands in Old Germany, producer

Radio Benjamin: Postage Stamp Swindles, producer

Radio Benjamin: Naples, producer

Radio Benjamin: Kaspar Hauser, producer

Radio Benjamin: Herculaneum and Pompeii, producer

Radio Benjamin: Gypsies, producer

Radio Benjamin: Doctor Faustus, producer

Radio Benjamin: Cagliostro, producer

Radio Benjamin: Bootleggers, producer

Radio Benjamin: A Visit to the Brassworks, producer

Radio Benjamin, producer

R. Luke DuBois & Okwui Okpokwasili: Residency At The Crossroads, host

Playing Hooky 2016: Horse Lords, producer

Playing Hooky 2015: Future Shuttle, producer

Playing Hooky, host

Phill Niblock, No Fancy Name, producer

Personal Science, producer

Pedro Sousa, A Song for True, producer

P.S.F. Records, host

Noura Mint Seymali, producer

NNA Tapes, host

New Atlantis Records, host

MSHR , producer

Midnight Moment: Jherek Bischoff's Silent Orchestra, host

Michael Vincent Waller, The South Shore, producer

Masum Momaya, Before and After "Beyond Bollywood", producer

Machines in Music: Tearing Light from Sound, host

Machines in Music: Synth Fair, host

Machines in Music: Suzanne Ciani, host

Machines in Music: Mark Verbos , host

Machines in Music: Alessandro Cortini, host

Macaya Records, host

Lucid Scenes, host

Los Wembler's, Part 2, producer

Los Wembler's , producer

Los Hacheros Live, producer

Laurie Anderson: Midnight Moment & Heart of a Dog , producer

Kaifa Records, host

James Brandon Lewis Trio, producer

Jaap Blonk, YappiScope, producer

Intercourse Magazine: Dead Moon with Jonah Freeman, producer

Guerilla Toss, Recorded Live, host

Found Sound Nation: Odetta Hartman, Mobius Percussion, Noveller, Pinegrove, producer

Found Sound Nation: Booker Stardrum, Girls and God, Star Rover and Luke Temple, producer

Found Sound Nation: A Living Together , producer

ESPTV, producer

Eric Banta, Swing-A-Ling, host

DELETE What Has Technology Got To Do With It, Art in the Digital Age , producer

DELETE Hypotheses on the Future of the Art Market, producer

Cinevox, host

Brooklyn Raga Massive, Prasanna, producer

Brooklyn Raga Massive, producer

Brazil Supernovo Mixtape 2015 , producer

Booker Stardrum, Dance And, host

Bob Bellerue, Amplified, host

Ava Mendoza, Recorded Live, host

Anxious Spaces II: Aurora Halal, producer