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Intercourse Magazine: Dead Moon with Jonah Freeman

Artist Jonah Freeman hosts Fred Cole and Toody Cole , two thirds of Portland-based Dead Moon (1987-2006), to talk past, present and future projects, dramas, and nuts and bolts of running a band.

Fred Cole and Toody Cole create the unwavering DIY aesthetic that is admirable in the mass-market age. As pioneers in the underground music scene of the 80s and 90s, to their record label Tombstone, to the independent musical instrument shop they ran for years, they have fostered a counterculture that remains community oriented.

Jonah Freeman collaborates with artist Justin Lowe to create immersive installation environments (Hello Meth Lab in the Sun, Bright White Underground). His work is infused with underground cultures and narratives and their material objects.

Learn more and read the interview transcript in Issue 4 of Pioneer Works Intercourse Magazine, packed with all things trippy and tropical, raunchy and rhythmical, mimetic and mobile.


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