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Second Sunday Interviews: Cooper Holoweski and Amirtha Kidambi

During the June 2016 Second Sundays open house at Pioneer Works, artist Cooper Holoweski discusses the opening of his installation at Pioneer Works entitled, Cannibal Universe. Then, experimental musician Amirtha Kidambi speaks about her series, Tongues, which combines traditional Southeast Asian song with Western experimental music. Second Sundays is a monthly series of open studios, live music, and site-specific interventions. Clocktower Radio always joins the festivities by hosting a reception and interview marathon in our space.

Clocktower correspondent Mia Wendel-DiLallo interviews artist Cooper Holoweski about the opening of his video installation, Cannibal Universe, during the Second Sundays open house at Pioneer Works. Cannibal Universe, on view in Clocktower’s third floor Cove exhibition space through July 2016, borrows from scientific theory, religious mysticism, and various world mythologies. It explores self-reflexivity and recurrent patterns in astrophysics, biological evolution, spiritual reincarnation, and other realms. Each loop is a hybrid of digital video, stop-motion animation, and computer modeling; while there are moments when viewers may lose themselves in the imagery, the raw materials and means of construction are always apparent. Cannibal Universe is Holoweski’s spiritual manifesto, reminiscent of Manly Hall’s Secret Teachings of All Ages or Robert Fludd’s Harmonice Mundi, except made with cardboard, duct tape, and Adobe Photoshop. Cannibal Universe was edited during Holoweski's residency with Clocktower at the Jones Day office, from May 26 - July 31, 2015.

Curator, composer and vocalist, Amirtha Kidambi discusses her concert series Tongues, which combines both traditional Southeast Asian music with Western experimental music. Juxtaposing the two forms in such a context, is meant to inspire conversations in both the music and the audience. The first 2016 installation of Tongues featured Matt Maneri and Ashvin Bhogendra at ISSUE Project Room in Downtown Brooklyn. More Information can be found here.