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DJ Shakey

DJ Shakey is wholly focused on emerging awesomeness. She won a student Academy Award for the hip hop film she wrote in the 80s, she was on the very first snowboard instruction team at Hunter Mt., NY in the 90s, and she is currently a founder of and advocate for the "Controllerism" movement in electronic music performance. Shakey produces and hosts the Warper Party Radio Extravaganza on AIR along with her partner Banginclude. More jellyrolls at


Zero Gravity Thinkers, host

Warper Party: Tsunami Bass Experience , host

Warper Party: Radio Wonderland, host

Warper Party: No Use For Humans Set, host

Warper Party: Maxx Klaxon, host

Warper Party: Honeychild Coleman Set, host

Warper Party: Honey Child Coleman, host

Warper Party: DJ Shakey Set, host

Warper Party: DJ ATOM Set, host

Warper Party Radio Extravaganza, host

Warper Party and DJ Shakey's Audio Control Adventure, artist

Voyager, host

Tsunami Bass Experience, host

Tom Phonic, host

The Warper Party Radio Extravaganza , artist

The Warper Party Radio Extravaganza , artist

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Nick Low-Beer aka 81Neutronz, host

Nick Demopoulos & The Smomid, host

Moldover, Father of Controllerism, host

Mio Soul, Subliminal Melody , host

Maxx Klaxon, host

Marchthirtyseventh, host

Lars From Mars, host

James Ellington of String Theory, host

Infinite Kitten , host

In the Loop, host

Honeychild Coleman , host

Heavyw8bit Championchip , host

Frieze: Downtown Night, artist

Friendly Knowledge, host

Filastine, host

Exaltron, host

Elijah B. Torn, host

Ed Potokar, Soundwall, host

Dope Sagittarius (MC Whistler), host

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DJ Shakey, The Illustrated Interview, host

DJ Shakey's Audio Control Adventure, artist

DJ Kiva, host

Cosmo D, host

Comandante Zero, host

Boptronica, host

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Banginclude (Live Set), host

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