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Dok Gregory

Dok Gregory presents works both prerecorded and live, composed and improvised, that were created using a VTOL modular synthesizer system designed and built by Russian musician/DIY synth builder/circuit bender VTOL (Dmitry Morosov).

Dok has been composing, performing and recording experimental/electronic music since 1983. His current projects include Zero Gravity Thinkers (NYC), with Peter Principle and Zemi 17; and Silence Corporation (NYC/SPb, Russia) with Pavel Mikheev, Alexei Pliousnine, and VJ Yuri Elik. He has been a member of seminal NYC based audio visual group Amoeba Technology since 1997, toured and performed in festivals throughout the United States, Europe, Russia and South America and had recorded works released in most of the same. Doks' audio-visual works have been featured in programs at the Forum Des Images in Paris, Basel Art Fair in Switzerland, The Kitchen and Lincoln Center in NYC, to name a few. In 2007 he began work on the ISRS system (a shortwave radio synthesizer) and continues to research, develop and deploy the technology. Dok has also toured and collaborated extensively as a member of Incidence Transmission Network, Psychic TV, Akashic Currency Bureau, Trance Pop Loops and the Ransom Corps. Dok is and has been based in Brooklyn, N.Y. for the past 20 years, and is co-director of the 23 Windows Arts Collective with Zemi 17.

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