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Willis Arnold

Willis Ryder Arnold is a multimedia journalist and artist. His audio work has been featured on various NPR affiliates and nationally distributed radio programs, such as Latino USA, O'Dark Thirty, Prime Time Radio, and Clocktower Radio. His writing and photography have been published by news and cultural outlets including Aljazeera America, Le Journal de la Photographie, Intercourse Magazine, and local NYTimes blogs. Additional work can be found at and


Traysh/8550 OHIO, host

The Spookfish, Recorded Live, producer

The Horse-Eyed Men, Recorded Live, host

The Artist Likes Words: Poets Read for Dale Henry, curator

The Artist Likes Words, Poets Read for Dale Henry, host

Second Sundays: James Mercer, Bradley Pitts, Lulu Miller, Redu NYC, host

Second Sundays: Five Interviews, host

Second Sundays: Dave Scheinkopf, Cleek Shrey, Jake Nussbaum, Angel Say, host

Second Sundays: Brooklyn, Poland, Bangladesh, & Sudan, host

Psychedelia , producer

Playing Hooky, host

Performance Art, producer

Narwhalz (Of Sound), Recorded Live, host

Matthew Putman & Paul Roossin, Artificial Intelligence, host

Lea Bertucci, Recorded Live, host

Kate Ferencz, Recorded Live, host

Jesse DeRosa, Recorded Live, host

Glockabelle, Recorded Live, host

Eskimeaux, Recorded Live, host

Dorit Chrysler & the New York Theremin Society, producer

DJ Dog Dick, Recorded Live, host

Daniel Rangel & Lenora De Barros, Poiesis in Praxis, host

Culture Clock, producer

Clocktower Launch at Pioneer Works, Interviews 5, host

Clocktower Launch at Pioneer Works, Interviews 4, host

Clocktower Launch at Pioneer Works, Interviews 3, host

Clocktower Launch at Pioneer Works, Interviews 2, host

Clocktower Launch at Pioneer Works, Interviews 1, host

Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, Bouquet, host

Bob Bellerue & Nat Roe, Ende Tymes Festival, producer

Biology, Technology & Art, producer

Art & Public Space, producer

Anxious Spaces: Raul de Nieves , host

Anxious Spaces: Desi Santiago, Mummy Procession , host

Anxious Spaces, Artist Interviews, host

Activism, producer

Jacolby Satterwhite, Reifying Desire, host