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Art & Public Space

Space influences how we experience art and public space can profoundly impact that experience. How does sanctioned public art differ from unsanctioned public works? What is the appropriate role and value of public art projects?

Artists interviewed in this segment have been excerpted from longer conversations and are listed below along with links to the complete program in our radio archive.

Daniel Buren interviewed in Rome by Daniela Salvioni

Aaron Friedman discusses the city-wide festival Make Music New York

Maria Lind of Brooklyn-based collective Not An Alternative

Liesbeth Bik and Joss Van der Pol produce politically charged public art

Albert Maysles on his film about The Gates project of Jeanne-Claude and Christo.

Music throughout this episode of Culture Clock features composer Ellen Fullman performing on her Long String Instrument.

Culture Clock is a radio series investigating and illuminating the contemporary art world and its artists, institutions, and communities. Culture Clock is produced by Clocktower Productions.


Culture Clock


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