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This episode of the Clocktower Radio newsmagazine highlights strong wills and hard truths about art and social action. With Ai Weiwei, Coco Fusco, Greg Scholette, Larry Lit, Ernst Aebi, and Jonathan Torgovnik.

To hear the complete Clocktower Radio programs from which these excerpts were taken, use the following links to our radio series and program pages:

Dialogues in Asian Contemporary Art: Ai Weiwei

Historic Audio from the Museum of Modern Art: Feminist Future: Activism/Race/Geopolitics: Coco Fusco

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council:
Access Restricted: Greg Sholette & John Kuo Wei Tchen

Rush Interactive: Larry Lit

Beyond The Subtitles: Ernst Aebi

Clocktower Interviews: Photography & Activism: Michel Bogre & Jonathan Torgovnik


Culture Clock


The Clocktower Radio monthly art radio newsmagazine, a 15-minute rapid fire overview featuring compelling voices on current issues covering global culture, evolving technology, emerging trends, nightlife, fashion, and life in the arts. This series is made possible in part by a grant from the Dedalus Foundation.