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Biology, Technology & Art

Some of the most significant changes in art were made possible by advancements in technology from the invention of the paint tube to the printing press. Current advancements include the effects of bio-technology, electronics, and the Internet in the art world. Bio-Tech artists produce work grounded in genetic engineering and tactical information dissemination. Many of these works are the products of hybrid practices between the arts and sciences. 

In this segment you will hear Derrick de Kerckhove of Ars Electronica, Jennifer Willet and Shawn Bailey of BioTechnica, photographer Pete Mauro, Holly Crawford (Flatland Limo), information artists Randal Packer and Andy Deck, and art journalist Steven Henry Madoff.

For more on Bio Art and the intersection of art and technology listen to The Bio-Blurb Show with Suzanne Anker, Art & Technology with Daniel Durning and explore more in our extensive audio archives at 

Music throughout this episode of Culture Clock features Dustin Wong live at Clocktower's Above the Law performance and installation series highlighting young and emerging artists and musicians.

Culture Clock is a radio series investigating and illuminating the contemporary art world and its artists, institutions, and communities.


Culture Clock


The Clocktower Radio monthly art radio newsmagazine, a 15-minute rapid fire overview featuring compelling voices on current issues covering global culture, evolving technology, emerging trends, nightlife, fashion, and life in the arts. This series is made possible in part by a grant from the Dedalus Foundation.