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Matthew Putman & Paul Roossin, Artificial Intelligence

Pioneer Works’ Director of Sciences, Nanotronics Imaging founder Dr. Matthew Putman, in conversation with (former IBM) computer research scientist Paul Roossin in the summer of 2014.

Paul Roossin is known for his time working at IBM's research division where he and his team created the most accurate machine translation system for translating French text into English. A description of the approach is in the journal paper,  "A Statistical Approach to Machine Translation" which he co-authored with other IBM research team members. Paul went from working fifteen years with IBM, onto more entrepreneurial work with some friends. He served as CIO of the company, a shopping meta-review site, that was later sold to the New York Times.

Matthew Putman, a doctor in Applied Physics, has developed a high-speed, high-resolution microscope and imaging tool. He holds seven patents for his inventions and has published in peer-reviewed journals in Nanotechnology and Rheology. In addition to being a professor and researcher at Columbia University, Matthew has lectured at The University of Paris, USC, University of Michigan, and The Technical University of Sao Paulo. A classically trained jazz pianist, Matthew recorded two solo piano albums and has played with many of the country’s leading Free Jazz musicians, including Daniel Carter. He has produced both plays and films, including the award winning 2004 film The Definition of Insanity and The Flyroom (Executive Producer), which was filmed, in part, at Pioneer Works. Matthew has also published a book of science inspired poems titled Magnificent Chaos.


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