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Second Sundays: James Mercer, Bradley Pitts, Lulu Miller, Redu NYC

On April 13, 2014 Clocktower Radio hosted interviews in its Pioneer Works studio as part of their monthly Second Sundays open house. This month features exhibitions, music, artist project studios, and the first lovely weekend night of the year.

In this program you will hear conversations with:

James Mercer - The sculptor and sound artist on the eve of his Clocktower-sponsored residency at Pioneer Works.  

Bradley Pitts - Pioneer Works resident art and aeronautics engineer discusses his micro-drone invasion of the space.

Lulu Miller - Formerly of NPR's RadioLab, Miller discusses her work as a fiction writer.

Amber Lasciak (REDU NYC) - Operator of a Red Hook establishment that creatively recycles furniture. 


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This series is devoted to highlighting the artists, events, and innovative programs brought to you by Pioneer Works in Red HookBrooklyn