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Phill Niblock

Minimalist composer and multi-media musician Phill Niblock is the director of Experimental Intermedia in New York. Niblock has a background in film and photography, centering most of his early creative activity around the jazz musicians of the 1960s. Thereafter he made a series of films titled The Movement of People Working. His first musical compositions date from 1968. Unusually, even among the avant-garde composers of his generation, he has no formal musical training. His compositions are worked out intuitively rather than systematically, and he cites the musical activities of New York in the 1960s as a stimulus. Niblock's compositional process often begins with recording a single, absolute tone played by a specific musician with the breathing, attack and decay edited out. He has collaborated with a wide range of musicians including David Gibson, in the cello works of the 1970s; Petr Kotik, Susan Stenger, and Eberhard Blum, on Four Full Flutes; Rafael Toral, David First, Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore, Susan Stenger, and Robert Poss on Guitar Too, for Four (G2,44+1x2) and many others. Niblock's music is an exploration of sound textures created by multiple tones in very dense, often atonal tunings (generally microtonal in conception) performed in long durations.


Walter Branchi, host

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Simon Whetham, host

Seth Cluett: Rock, Paper, Zither, host

Ricardo Arias, Looking Upwards, host

Rafael Toral, Space Studies, host

Pedro Sousa, A Song for True, host

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New Works from Zach Layton , host

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Madelon Hooykaas, Blind Female Shamans, host

Laetitia Morais, Missing for 10 Years, host

Krzysztof Knittel & Andrei Smirnov, Brain Jazz, host

Kristin Norderval & Kevin Norton, KN2, host

Kevin Norton & Morgan O'Hara, host

Keith Rowe and Kjell Bjorgeengen, host

John Hudak , host

John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein & Tom Hamilton, host

Joe Diebes & BOTCH, host

Jaime Oliver + Marco Donnarumma, Xth Sense, host

Jacques Diennet, Le Pic Saint Loup, host

Jaap Blonk, YappiScope, host

Hans Tammen & 3rd Eye Orchestra, Cladogram, host

Grahame Weinbren, Letters, host

Gert-Jan Prins, Cavity, host

Frédéric Acquaviva , host

Experimental Intermedia Concerts, producer

Dumas, Liberovskaya, Hirsch , host

Dani Ploeger, Body Surveillance #1, host

Dan Joseph & Andrea Williams, producer

Dafna Naphtali & Chuck Bettis, Chatter Blip, host

Creepy Triangle: David Linton, David First, David Watson, host

Christian Kobi, host

Chris Kubick, host

Cat Lamb, shade/gradient , host

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