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Experimental Composers

An exclusive selection of experimentations in music, from historic concerts and new works to profiles and interviews. This is where you will find artists who explore the edges of genre and technique.



Experimental Intermedia Concerts

A radio series of programs recorded at Experimental Intermedia Foundation (EI), the legendary, influential downtown New York loft venue, incubator, showcase, and community center for composers and experimenters in the arts, known for being first and best at presenting (and recording!) new music and new media since the 70s. The concert series is programmed and produced by composer Phill Niblock who has been directing presentations at Experimental Intermedia since 1973 (well over 1,000 performances) and he is the curator of EI's XI Records label. In 1993, he opened a satellite space with window gallery in Ghent, Belgium. For more on the concert series, recordings, archives, and other intermedia adventures of Phill Niblock around the globe visit the Experimental Intermedia Foundation site. This radio project is a partnership between Experimental Intermedia Foundation and The Clocktower Gallery and its radio station at The series is produced and managed with the generous efforts of Byron Westbrook.

Living Live, A Radio Exhibition

A 6-part radio series designed to accompany the summer 2014 exhibition by the artist Peter Coffin entitled Living, on view at Red Bull Studios New York. The series underscores themes of the exhibit--such as psychedelia and film soundtracks--and includes a strong radio culture component which is a passion of the artist. Conceived and curated by Coffin, Clocktower Director Alanna Heiss, and the Clocktower Radio crew, the series aired live from Red Bull Studios throughout the summer of 2014 as the space was transformed into a broadcast and viewing party. About the exhibition: LIVING   An exhibition by Peter Coffin  June 18 - September 14  At Red Bull Studios New York 220 West 18 Street, New York City

She Resonates

She Resonates is a series about advocacy through political action and sound, produced by Las Marías and Merche Blasco.

Blank Forms

Blank Forms is a curatorial platform dedicated to the presentation and preservation of time-based performance practices, with emphasis on ephemeral practices that fall outside conventional institutional support systems and consequently risk remaining inaccessible, minimally documented and obscure. Through a variety of curatorial approaches, including public performances, online and print publishing, exhibitions, workshops, seminars and residencies, Blank Forms crafts a robust support structure for both the artist and the presentation of their work.

Site : Sound, A Sonic Portrait

A sonic portrait of performances, site-specific lectures, and acousting happenings from series Site : Sound.

CT::SWaM Broadband Echos

This show explores theories and approaches to spatial sound works, while also addressing the subjectivity of translating spatial works to the radio format. Episodes feature performances, discussions and artist interviews, highlighting recent and upcoming events in the CT::SWaM live event series. CT::SWaM [Contemporary Temporary Sound Works And Music] is an artist-run series that has been presenting performances and workshops in spaces such as Eyebeam’s former Chelsea location, Fridman Gallery, and The Knockdown Center in NYC, as well as Neu West Berlin in Berlin. The series, initiated by Daniel Neumann in 2012, focuses on spatial sound works, where the distribution and localization of sounds is a primary compositional parameter and a central feature for the listener. These works consider architectural, acoustical, and technological factors in exploring the complex and dynamic relationship between sound and space. The formats are open and include contemporary sound experiments, electro-acoustic multi-channel composition, improvisation, non-traditional performance configurations, lowercase artistic presence, and workshops – all of which diverge from a fixed perspective on audible space. The series presents and reflects on spatial sound works from CT::SWaM.

Orbital Mash

An eclectic radio show produced by Berlin-based Me Raabenstein. Music with a view, neo-classical, score, and contemporary beats. Including Brian Eno, Anna Rojahn, Thaddeus Herrmann. 

Open Territory

Musical innovators share their work in a combination of an interview. Including Max Neuhaus, Miles Davis, Christian Marclay, and more. 

ISSUE Project Room Radio

Programs recorded live in performance produced by Brooklyn's ISSUE Project Room, a center for new music, sound, dance, and performance. Featuring Nate Wooley, Ben Vida, Marina Rosenfeld, Pat Spadine, and more.  

Expandable Sound

Musical portraits exploring how knowledge is created and shared in jazz and improvised music. Including Bill Frisell, Pheeroan akLaff, Amina Claudine Myers, and more. 


Norbert Rodenkirchen, Robbie Lee, and James Ilgenfritz
Beachside Happening Pt.3 : GABI with Mara Mayer and Marilu Donovan
Beachside Happening Pt.2 : Julia Santoli and Lea Bertucci
Beachside Happening Pt.1 : Sarah Heinnes
Listening on the Move
Folk Geometry
Prismatic Park: Matana Roberts
Subterranean Networks
Unionizing Babeland / Cecilia Lopez
Virtual Sounds : Anne Guthrie
Jean Luc Guionnet
Maryanne Amacher's Petra
Duo Marie with the Bowers-Fader Duo
She Resonates Teaser
The Confidential Briefing
The Henning Christiansen Trilogy, Pt.2
The Henning Christiansen Trilogy, Pt.1
Knockdown Center : Stine Motland
Tim Berne, Blue Collar Composer
Pearl Robinson, Climate Justice / Anais Maviel
Pearl Robinson, Climate Justice / Anaïs Maviel
Knockdown Center : Ashcan Orchestra
Knockdown Center : Lea Bertucci
Knockdown Center : TILT Brass
The Far Becomes Near: When Iron Speaks
Knockdown Center : Eli Keszler
Bill Frisell, The Infinite Forest
Ánde Somby
Anechoic Sounds : Lori Napoleon (Antenes)
Season 2, Ep.5 : Christy Gast, Contested Landscapes
Henning Christiansen Trilogy, Pt.3
Prismatic Park Series, Lea Bertucci
Li Daiguo, Che Chen and David Watson
Touria El Glaoui
Charles Lane and Marc Marder, Sidewalk Stories
Lukas Ligeti
The Caravan Stage Theatre Company
Ruth Kahn, Outpost
Cities Are Natural (Composition Three), Melissa F. Clarke
Gravesend + JMC Aggregate
Jen Ray, Deep Cuts
Dubai to Tunis: In Time, Across Land
Found Sound Nation: The Westerlies, Zula, and Brandon Seabrook
Second Sundays: Rob Curto’s Pé De Serra All-Stars and Innove Gnawa Band
Piano Jouet Live
Robert Ashley, Quicksand
L'Expérience Acoustique with François J. Bonnet
FOAM Interviews: Matthew Porter
Photon Ecstasy Recorded Live
Tetraphonics: Lea Bertucci's Quadraphonic Cello
The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party
Erewhon Calling
Yarn / Wire
Second Sundays: Rob Curto’s Pé De Serra All-Stars and Innove Gnawa Band
Calling on the New Gods
Roscoe Mitchell & Scott Robinson in Conversation
Lea Bertucci, Double Bass Crossfade
Seth Cluett: Rock, Paper, Zither
Marina Rosenfeld Deployed
Pauline Oliveros, Along the Way
Pheeroan akLaff, Meditation with Quest
Tetraphonics: Hubble (Ben Greenberg)