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Jill Spalding

Jill Spalding first stuck her foot in the door of the writing world working as a reader for the French publishing company Gallimard. It didn't take long for Spalding to establish herself as an important figure in publishing and literature. Shortly after working for Gallimard, Jill became the features editor of British Vogue in London and subsequently the editor for British, American, and Australian Vogue Magazines, based in Los Angeles. During her tenure working for Vogue Magazine, Jill was responsible for publishing and promoting an impressive list of emerging writers, artists, public figures, actors, and architects. Nobel Laureates Sir Peter Medawar and Karl Popper, and then-emerging literary talent Tom Wolfe, Michael Crichton, and Christy Brown contributed to the magazine. Jill also featured the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, Herb Ritts, David Hockney, John Travolta, and Frank Gehry. She helped create the famous "Blue Issue" of Vogue, alerting consumers to the environmental consequences their consumer and fashion decisions had on depleting natural resources. Spalding now lives in New York, where she hosts the radio show "Miami on My Mind," reporting on the Florida art scene.