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Alice Aycock

Host Jill Spalding welcomes the perpetually inspired and inspiring artist Alice Aycock to the Clocktower studios for a conversation that ranges from early influences and ambitions, materials and immateriality, the organization of magic, the fragile, the forever, beauty, and danger to her current 2013 projects. Aycock is amidst a whirlwind of activity from a show of drawings at the Grey Art Gallery pretty much taking over New York City's most challenging outdoor spaces to her Park Avenue Paper Chase coming in 2014.

A Minimalist turned unabashed fantasist, the sculptor Alice Aycock is one of the more visionary figures to have emerged from the New York art scene of the 1970s. - Karen Rosenberg, NY Times


Our Correspondents: Miami


Host Jill Spalding records the art scene in Miami and its environs through interviews with the artists who live, work or/and show in the burgeoning cultural capital.

Additional Miami shows available at: Art Basel Miami Beach 2005 and Art Basel Miami Beach 2006.