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Our Correspondents: Miami

Host Jill Spalding records the art scene in Miami and its environs
through interviews with the artists who live, work or/and show in the
burgeoning cultural capital.

Additional Miami shows available at: Art Basel Miami Beach 2005 and Art Basel Miami Beach 2006.



Asif Farooq, Paper Weapons
Christopher Le Brun
Ursula Von Rydingsvard
Alice Aycock
Victoria Newhouse: On Museums
Daniel Newman & Matthew Schreiber
Jennifer Rubell
Lady Wong Davies and Mitchell Wolfson
David Shaw, Daniel Milewski and Nina Johnson
Conrad Shawcross, Sean Dack, Abby Manock
Edition #31: Pinta, The Contemporary Latin American Art Fair
Edition #30: Gerald Laing
Edition #29: Justin Macdonnell and Gustavo Matamoros
Edition #28: Sarah Morris
Edition #27: Lorna Simpson
Edition #26: Iván Navarro and Julia Platt Herzberg
Miami 2006: Our Correspondents (Miami), Art Basel Special
Edition #25: Natalia Arias and Judi Harvest
Edition #24: Elliott Erwitt
Edition #23: Malcolm Morley
Armory Show 2006: Our Correspondents (Miami) Edition
Edition #22: Alison Spear
Edition #21: Lynne Golob Gelfman and Erin Parish
Art Basel Miami Beach 2005: Our Correspondents (Miami) Edition
Edition #20: Bozidar Brazda and Christopher Miner
Editions #17/18: Mitchell Wolfson
Edition #16: Deborah Butterfield
Edition #15: Gilberto Ruiz and Jose Alvarez
Edition #14: Erika Somogyi and Adam Straus
Edition #12: Richard Arregui and The House Artists
Edition #13: The Up-and-Comers
Edition #19: Micaela Giovannotti and Kathy Grayson
Edition #8: Bonnie Clearwater
Edition #11: James Rosenquist and Carol K. Brown
Edition #10: Hernan Bas and Naomi Fisher
Art Basel Miami Beach 2006: Our Correspondents (Miami) Edition
Edition #9: Luis Gispert and Juana Valdes
Edition #1: Walter Chatham
Edition #2: Michele Oka Donner
Edition #3: Manuel Gonzales and Charles Cowles
Edition #4: Chad Oppenheim
Edition #5: Terence Riley
Edition #6: Suzanne Delahanty
Edition #7: Robert Thiele and William Cordova