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Caresse Lansberg

Caresse Lansberg is a leading Venezuela art journalist, writer and editor. Since 2010, Ms. Lansberg hosts a weekly hour-long radio program Arte con ESTILO. The program, which airs every Sunday morning from one of Venezuela’s prominent stations, features interviews with artists, writers, architects, photographers, movie directors, curators, art critics and musicians.

Throughout Ms. Lansberg’s career she has also worked as an image and public relations consultant for private and public art institutions in Venezuela. She was the founder and executive director of the Calara Foundation, a philanthropic institution dedicated to promoting visual arts in Venezuela. The Calara Foundation sponsored the careers of emerging artists both within Venezuela and internationally through scholarships, fellowships and the organization of exhibitions.

Ms. Lansberg has extensive board and governance experience in the leading art institutions and philanthropic organizations of Venezuela, including: the National Art Gallery of Venezuela (La Galeria de Arte Nacional), the Museum of Fine Arts (Museo de Bellas Artes) in Caracas and the Armando Reveron Institute (Instituto Armando Reveron). She has also served on a number of international boards, including: PS1 International Council, the artist studio program at PS1 in New York and The Carlos y Alegria Beracasa International Musical Foundation in Paris.

In addition, Ms. Lansberg has had considerable publishing experience in the arts. For 15 years she was owner-president of Nuevo Estilo Editorial, a publishing company that published ESTILO, the leading art magazine in Venezuela during the 1980 and 1990s. Nuevo Estilo Editorial also published a weekly magazine entitled, Tiempo de Sobra (in the format and style of Pariscope), and edited many other publications that promote the work of emerging Venezuelan artists.

Ms. Lansberg is also a leading art promoter and dealer in Venezuela. She has helped to organize numerous art exhibitions for national and international organizations including: Venezuela: The Next Generation (for Christie’s), Norte del Sur Venezuelan Art Today (for Citgo), Sin Franquicia (for Banco de la Republica in Bogota), Dimple Biennal I II III, Zurbaran en los Templos de America (in Bogota), Los 90 de los 90, and Naturaleza Abierta (for Exxon-Mobil).

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, where she still resides, Ms. Lansberg is a graduate (with honors) of the Universidad Católica Andres Bello’s School of Journalism and Communication.