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Arezoo Moseni

Arezoo Moseni is an artist and librarian who produces programs broadcast in the New York Public Library section of our archive. Born in Iran, she obtained a BFA at Utah State University, a MA and MFA at the University of New Mexico, and an MLS at Pratt Institute. She has worked at the Art Collection of Mid-Manhattan Library since November 1999. Prior to joining NYPL, she managed fundraising campaigns at Lincoln Center, and taught art classes and workshops at the International Center of Photography, Northern Virginia College, and the University of New Mexico. Since joining The New York Public Library, Arezoo has initiated the Art in the Windows, Art Wall on Third, Artist Book, and Artist dialog exhibition series, which feature the work of well-known and emerging artists, writers, critics, scholars, and others.


Vik Muniz, host

Tony Feher & Zoe Leonard, host

Todd Eberle & Glenn O'Brien, host

This is the Day: The March on Washington, host

The Trends in Art Book Publishing, host

The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol, host

Shahzia Sikander + Anne Pasternak, Gopi-Contagion, host

Richard Serra, Early Work, host

Persian Poets, host

One World Trade , host

New York Public Library, host

Nancy Princenthal on Agnes Martin, host

Nancy Grossman & Ian Berry, Tough Life, host

Mumbling Beauty : Louise Bourgeois, host

Mike Kelley: Educational Complex, host

Mika Rottenberg & Marilyn Minter, host

Michael "Kaves" McLeer, Skin Graf, host

Malcolm McLaren & Cay Sophie Rabinowitz, host

Lyle Ashton Harris and Chuck Close, Excessive Exposure, host

Lydia Venieri, Anastasia Aukeman & Michael Skafidas: Theogony, host

Louise Nevelson: Light and Shadow, Laurie Wilson + Arezoo Moseni, host

Louise Fishman: A Retrospective, host

Liz Deschenes, Camera-Less, host

Lisa Yuskavage + Christopher Bedford, The Brood , host

Four Generations: A Panel Discussion , host

Eye of the Sixties, Richard Bellamy and the Transformation of Modern Art, host

Electric Earth: Doug Aitken, Philippe Vergne, host

Duane Michals & Sam Shahid, host

Design and Style: Against the Grain, host

Deborah Lutz & David Salle, Pleasure Bound, host

Deborah Kass and Robert Storr, Before and Happily Ever After , host

Chuck Close & Artifex Press, host

Calvin Tompkins, Ann Temkin, Paul Chan, Duchamp's Life and Legacy, host

Brice Marden , host

Are You Experienced?, Psychedelics & Art, host

American Rhapsody: Claudia Roth Pierpont & Jonathan Galassi , host

A Swarm, a Flock, a Host: Mark Doty & Darren Waterston, host

49 Cities , host

Eric Fischl, Bad Boy, host